How Apple Products will Look Like without John Ive


Apple’s chief design officer, John Ive is planning to leave the company later this year. Sir Jonathan Ive is leaving Apple after nearly 30 years to start his own new design firm.

According to Apple, "John Ive will leave the company but he will count Apple among its primary clients", which means he still will be working closely with Apple on their product designs. Sir Ive was the designer of the iMac, iPod & iPhone and other Apple products. John Ive's new company will be based in California and it will be called "LoveFrom".

However, Jonathan Ive will be still designing the Apple products, some experts believe that this is the beginning of a new era in Apple products design. They believe that Apple will still have its in-house design team and perhaps Mr Ive will be busy with his own business, so Apple will have to be more dependant on own its designers.

Some people believe that Apple's products quality was dropped after Steve Jobs' death and now it will get even worse when John Ive leaves the company, whilst, some people say that as a leading user-centred product company, Apple is less depending on its personnels individually as the company's main concern is the users.

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