EA Sports FC 24 Golazo Team 1

FC 24 Golazo Team 1

Get ready to score big with the Golazo event in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team. This brand-new promo offers special cards for iconic and legendary players, alongside exciting challenges and rewards. Let's dive into what the FC 24 Golazo update brings to the table.

Golazo Icons and Heroes

The heart of Golazo lies in its revamped Icon and Hero cards. These cards boast boosted stats and unique PlayStyles, making them even more dominant on the pitch.

Here are some of the standout Golazo Icons revealed so far:

  • Johan Cruyff (CF) with blistering pace, pinpoint passing, and elite dribbling.
  • Xabi Alonso (CDM) brings world-class playmaking abilities alongside impressive defensive stats.
  • Robin van Persie (ST) boasts phenomenal finishing and deadly shooting power.

Golazo Heroes also get a stat upgrade, including:

  • Dimitar Berbatov (ST) with exceptional dribbling and a knack for finding the net.
  • David Ginola (LM) with electrifying pace and pinpoint crossing.
  • J├╝rgen Kohler (CB) brings rock-solid defending and leadership to your backline.
  • Exclusive Objectives and SBCs

The Golazo event isn't just about collecting these amazing cards. You can also earn them through special objectives and Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). Complete these challenges to add Golazo players to your squad and test your skills.

Golazo Flash Challenge and More

The Golazo Flash Challenge is a limited-time SBC expiring on April 4th, so don't miss your chance to earn unique rewards. Throughout the event, keep an eye out for additional SBCs and exciting opportunities.

Upgrade Your Squad with Golazo Packs

The Golazo program features special packs with a higher chance of containing Golazo players purchasable using FC 24 coins. These packs include:

  • Golazo Essentials Pack
  • Golazo Foundations Pack
  • Golazo Nano Pack

Whether you're a seasoned FC 24 veteran or just starting, the Golazo event offers a fantastic chance to acquire legendary players and boost your Ultimate Team squad. Remember, log in daily to stay updated on the latest content drops and maximize your Golazo soccer experience.


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