SBCs You Need to Solve in FIFA 21


Squad Building Challenges is a game mode in FIFA 21 ULTIMATE TEAM that allows you exchange a squad with some FUT rewards such as player items, FIFA packs and coins.

In order to get special player cards and packs, you can exchange your unused player cards from your club by playing Squad Building Challenges, known as SBC. SBC challenges are playable in FUT, under the PLAY tab. FUT 21 SBCs are updated regularly and they have usually expiry dates. This means you will miss them out if they are outdated.

Here are a list of some essential SBC challenges that we think everyone should have them solved:

Foundation SBCs

There are 7 SBC group challenges under the FOUNDATION category in FUT 21 SBC section. Taking all of these challenges is highly recommended. The rewards for these challenges contain Rare Mega Pack, Rare Gold Players, Player Pick pack, Premium Loan Player Pack and coins. Below is the list of these Squad Building Challenges:

  • Let's Get Started
  • Let's Keep Going
  • Let's Move Forward
  • League and Nation Basics
  • League and Nation Hybrid
  • Hybrid Leagues
  • Hybrid Nations

Leagues SBCs

The Leagues SBC challenges are perfect to get players from a specific league if you are targeting one. For instance, if you're looking for LaLiga players, the LaLiga Santander SBC could be a great choice. By completing this SBC group, you will receive 21 packs including an Ultimate Pack.

Premium SBCs

Premium Squad Building Challenges are available occasionally under the LIVE category. This SBC challenges contain Premium SBC player cards which are a premium upgraded card of a player. These cards are untradeable but very valuable with upgraded player OVR rating.

Make sure you catch the Premium SBC challenges and complete them before they expire.


POTM League SBCs contain a Player of the Month card from a specific league offered every month. A POTM card is an exclusive upgraded card of a player who is chosen by EA and the community as the best player of the past month from a league.

FIFA 21 POTM players are untradeable but they come with high stats.

The complete list of SBCs in FIFA 21 can be found at FUT 21 SBC page at FIFPlay as well as on FUTBIN website.

To follow the latest news regarding SBCs in FUT 21, you can follow FIFA 21 twitter account.


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