LEGO City Undercover – Tips

LEGO City Undercover Tips

LEGO City Undercover is a large open-world adventure with many secrets to discover. Whether you're a seasoned LEGO player or a beginner to Chase McCain's brick-tastic universe, here are some tips and tactics to make your experience in LEGO City even more smashing.

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Side Quests: Studs and Suits

Don't only focus on the primary plot! LEGO City is packed with side tasks that award studs (LEGO's currency) and new disguises. These disguises provide access to new regions and skills, thus collecting them all is quite beneficial.

LEGO City Undercover

Super Build Savvy

Throughout the game, you will meet Super Builds, which are massive, complicated constructions that you may construct. These frequently unlock new places or provide unique skills. Completing them is an excellent method to advance and discover hidden gems of the city.

Destructible Delight

LEGO City is designed to be broken. Don't be afraid to destroy anything; you'll earn studs and even discover hidden goodies. Just keep an eye out for bystanders; generating too much commotion can get you into trouble.

Vehicle Mastery

Driving is an important component of LEGO City Undercover. Master your car's controls and don't be scared to use pavements as shortcuts (but look out for pedestrians!). Combine stud pickups with your car's boost for a delicious stud multiplier.

LEGO City Undercover Gameplay

Red Brick Rundown

Scattered throughout the city are Red Bricks, which grant special abilities like stud multipliers or invincibility. Keep an eye out for them and prioritize collecting them early for a smoother experience.

Citizen Secrets

Talk to every citizen you see! Some might offer hints, quests, or even hidden item locations. You never know what you might uncover with a friendly chat.

The Power of Disguise

Certain disguises grant unique abilities. The construction worker can smash golden LEGO objects, the firefighter can extinguish flames revealing secrets, and the astronaut can jump higher. Use the right disguise for the situation.

Scan This

Your scanner isn't just for identifying criminals. Use it to scan objects in the environment – hidden items and secret passageways might be revealed.


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