LEGO City Undercover – Controls

LEGO City Undercover Controls

LEGO City Undercover button layout and controls cheatsheet for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. LEGO City Undercover Lego City Undercover is an action-adventure video game developed by TT Fusion and published by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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LEGO City Undercover PlayStation Controls

LEGO City Undercover Controls

Action PlayStation Xbox / PC
Move L L
Center Camera L3 L3
Look Around R R
Punch / Use Weapon / Aim (Hold) Square X
Jump X A
Enter Vehicle / Disguise Wheel (Hold) Triangle Y
Use Object / Holster Weapon Circle B
Cycle Disguises R1 R1
Center Camera R2 RT
Cycle Disguises L1 LB
Use Police Whistle L2 LT
Camera D-Pad Up D-Pad Up
Answer Communicator Calls D-Pad Down D-Pad Down
Criminal Scanner (Player 2) D-Pad Left D-Pad Left
Criminal Scanner (Player 1) D-Pad Right D-Pad Right
Map Touchpad Touchpad
Pause Options Start


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