FIFA 23 Shapeshifters Event Guide

Shapeshufters in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

On June 16th, the highly anticipated FIFA 23 Shapeshifters event will make its spectacular debut. This new event, which EA Sports has hinted at in numerous updates, promises to shake up the game in unprecedented ways, giving players the opportunity to engage in FIFA 23 from a new and refreshing perspective.

Unfamiliar with the Shapeshifters concept? It's a revolutionary gameplay feature that offers an unusual twist to the traditional FIFA gaming experience. Shapeshifters are special player cards whose positions and stats are altered throughout the event period. The purpose of this bold event is to disrupt the routine and provide users with enhanced versatility and new tactical options.

Imagine a world where Neymar Jr. could seamlessly shift from his natural forward position to become an effective center back, or where Kevin De Bruyne takes on the role of a striker instead of his usual midfield position. FUT 23 Shapeshifters event is essentially just that, shifting the paradigm of football gaming.

This huge overhaul promises a slew of advantages for FIFA 23 players. The Shapeshifters event offers an exciting opportunity to observe your favourite footballers in a whole new light, from greater flexibility in team construction to the potential to experiment with different tactics and plans.

The availability of special Shapeshifters Player Packs, which will be available for purchase during the event period, is a key highlight of the event. These packs provide an exclusive opportunity to grab these adaptable players for your Ultimate Team. Keep your eyes peeled for these packs at the FIFA Store.

In addition, numerous Shapeshifters Challenges will be added to the game. These challenges will not only put your talent and strategy to the test, but will also provide rewards that are directly related to the event.


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