Descenders – Controls

Descenders Controls

Descenders button layout controls map for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Descenders is a cycling video game developed by Dutch studio RageSquid and published by No More Robot for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Linux, macOS, Windows, and Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Descenders Controls

Action PlayStation Xbox / PC
Steer Left/Right L Left/Right L Left/Right
Lean Forward/Back L Up/Down L Up/Down
Stretch Up (Counterpump) R Up R Up
Bend Down (Attack Mode/Pump) R Down R Down
Tweak (In Air) R Left/Right R Left/Right
Bunny Hop R Down > R Up R Down > R Up
Reset Camera Angle Square X
Switch Camera Angle Triangle Y
Respawn Circle B
Brake L2 LT
Accelerate R2 RT
Tricks L1 + R3 LB + R3
Skip Song L2 + D-Pad Left LT + D-Pad Left
Toggle UI L2 + D-Pad Right LT + D-Pad Right
Set Respawn Point (Freeride) L2 + L3 LT + L3
Respawn at Start Touchpad Touchpad
Pause Menu Options Menu


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