How to Get Prepared for FIFA 23 Shapeshifters

FIFA 23 Shapeshifters - How to Get Prepared

FUT Shapeshifters promo is one of the most popular events in FIFA Ultimate Team, and it's always a great time to improve your team. It starts from 16th of June 2023 and the fans are getting ready for this promo event in FUT 23.

Here are some tips on how to get prepared for the Shapeshifters event.

Save Up Coins

The Shapeshifters promo is known for releasing some of the best cards in the game, so if you want to get your hands on the top players, you'll need to have plenty of FIFA 23 coins saved up.

Complete Your SBCs

Several FIFA 23 Shapeshifter SBCs will be published during the promotion, so make sure to complete them all. These SBCs will allow you to get some excellent Shapeshifters players without having to spend any cash.

Complete Your Objectives

Several Shapeshifters objectives will also be revealed during the promotion. These objectives will allow you to gain access to some fantastic Shapeshifters players, as well as packs and other incentives.

Complete TOTS SBCs and Objectives

In fact, Shapeshifters event starts from the final week of Team of the Season (TOTS) event. Try to get the most out of the TOTS event. Complete the objectives during the TOTS Award Winners week. This will save up coins as well as gain possible Award Winner players.

Be Patient

The Shapeshifters promo is a long one, so don't feel like you have to buy everything right away. Wait for the best deals and pick up the players you want when the prices are right.


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