FC 24 Best Packs

Best Packs in EA Sports FC 24

Nothing quite gets the pulse racing like the thrill of opening a pack in the world of EA Sports FC. FC 24 is no exception, and with so many packs to choose from, it can be difficult to pick which ones are worth your hard-earned FC coins or FC points. We've produced a list of the greatest FC 24 packs that can considerably increase your Ultimate Team squad to help you make informed decisions.

Ultimate Pack

In FC 24, the Ultimate Pack rules supreme. It's the most costly pack, costing 125,000 FC 24 Coins UK or 2,500 FC 24 Points. The promise of at least 30 rare gold players in a single pack distinguishes this pack. The thrills don't stop there; it could possibly include FC Icons, FC Heroes, or other exceptional cards, making it the ideal pick for pack enthusiasts eager to bolster their roster.

Jumbo Rare Players Pack

The Jumbo Rare Players Pack comes in second place, providing a terrific alternative for those looking for value. This pack, which costs 100,000 FC coins or 2,000 FC points, has 24 rare gold players, six fewer than the Ultimate pack.

Rare Mega Pack

Rare Mega Pack is less expensive, yet it still provides excellent value. You can obtain access to 30 uncommon things, including players, consumables, stadiums, and staff items, for 55,000 FC coins or 1,100 FC points. The exact distribution of things may vary, but you should anticipate to find 9 to 12 rare gold players, making it a viable option for squad construction.

Rare Players Pack

The Rare Players Pack is a good choice if you want to save money while still acquiring a good amount of rare gold players. Priced at 50,000 FC Coins or 1,000 FC points, this pack contains 12 rare gold players, making it a valuable choice for those looking to bolster their team without breaking the bank.


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