EA Sports FC 24 Triple Threat

Triple Threat - EA FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 is about to get even more exciting with the upcoming Triple Threat promo. Following the well-received Centurions promo, which celebrated players who reached 100 goals, appearances, assists, or clean sheets in their careers, EA Sports is bringing a new twist to Ultimate Team. Centurions, which featured Icons like Ruud Gullit and Jairzinho, is set to conclude this Friday.

The FC 24 Triple Threat promo is generating plenty of anticipation in the EA FC community, with leaks suggesting it will feature UT Heroes. This new promo is expected to offer a fresh and exciting gameplay experience. While there are many theories circulating on social media about what to expect, some speculate it might involve trios of players, similar to the FC Dynamic Duos concept. Others believe that the promo could involve significant upgrades to three player stats, reminiscent of the old Ultimate Scream promo from FIFA 19, where two stats were boosted to 99.

Stay tuned for more details on EA Sports FC 24 Triple Threat as it promises to bring a new dimension to your Ultimate Team experience.


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