Laws of the Game 2021-2022 – New Changes and Download Link

Laws of the Game 2021-2022

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) has amended the Football Laws of the Game. The 2021-2021 edition of Laws of the Game booklet is now available for free download.

The Laws of the Game are a set of official soccer rules that help to define the sport and its rules for official and international matches and events. The International Football Association Board, or IFAB, rules and updates these statutes every year.

New Changes

IFAB has announced some new Laws of the Game 2021-2022 modifications involving rules such as some metric units, offside rules, field of play, and found and misconducts. Below is a list of the new changes to this law:

  • Metric Units – Notes on the Laws of the Game (all Laws)
  • Non-violent inappropriate behaviour - Laws 4, 5, 12 and VAR protocol
  • FIFA Quality Programme - Laws 1, 2 and 4
  • Law 1. The Field of Play
  • Law 6. The Other Match Officials
  • Law 7. The Duration of the Match
  • Law 11. Offside
  • Law 12. Fouls and Misconduct
  • VAR protocol

How to Download Laws of the Game 2021-2022?

Online football community, FIFPlay has made the updated Laws of the Game 2021-2022 book available for download as a PDF file - The file size is 20 Mb.

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  1. Could you pls.send 2021/22 laws of the game as amended to my email.grateful in anticipation of your compliance.

  2. I have seen a different rules taking two referees in two games with a same situation. one is EPL match between Manchester united vs Wattford and another one is ISL Bangalore F C vs Odisha last week in a during the game Penalty kick. In Isl Chethri taking the penalty first time saved the penalty by goal keeper but attaking player Encroachment an indirect free kick given to the defending team. at the EPL same incidents referee given the re kick. pls check the available video’s in two matches and clarify my doubts.

  3. As a referee instructer/coach, i would like to have the updated laws of the game and the changes to be able to develop. referees in my country Uganda

  4. Dear,
    Is it possible to obtain de “the laws of the game” in paper version?
    If so, what is the coast?
    Thanks for an anwer,

    Maertens Marc
    President Referee Academy Waasland.
    Eekhoornstraat, 8
    B -9100 – Sint-Niklaas
    [email protected]

  5. I am here by interesting to have the laws if the game such that I will know more about football because now I am just a referee and you know already referee without laws is not longer a good referee.
    Laws are good for everyone of course please help me

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