Laws of the Game 2019-20 is Available to Download

Laws of the Game 2019-2020

The Football Laws of the Game have been updated by IFAB. The Laws of the Game 2019-2020 book is now available to download for free.

The Laws of the Game (also known as LOTG) are the official rules in football that help define association football. The LOTG are set and updated annually by the International Football Association Board.

New Changes

IFAB (International Football Association Board) announces some new changes in Laws of the Game. These changes include handballs, the position of the goalkeeper at penalty kicks and the place subbed players have to leave the field of play. Below is the a list of changes of the new Laws of the Game:

  • Handball
  • Goalkeeper One Foot on Line with Penalty Kick
  • Subbed Player Leaving the Field
  • Free kick Changes
  • DOGSO and SPA
  • Dropped Ball
  • Yellow Card of Illegal Celebrations
  • Goal Kick Taking

How to Download?

The FIFA Community, FIFPlay has made the new Laws of the Game book downloadable. From the given link here you can download the Laws of the Game 2019/20.

The book is in digital PDF format and its size is about 11 MB.

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  1. As a Football Coach,I find this a very helpful gesture and as someone who has ever attended a Referees` Course but fully Occupied as a Coach,I enjoy Coaching a lot as many Referees enjoy Officiating games Involving my Team as you may guess.Thx a lot

  2. great, thank you for making it available and helping in learning and providing fairness toward the game

    1. Your comments …thanks a lot for providing us the opportunity to get in touch with the laws of the game, when we are informed we will get the understanding.

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