Unicorn Overlord – Tips

Unicorn Overlord Tips

Ascend the ranks and become a legendary Unicorn Overlord with these battle-tested tips and tricks.

Deployment is Key

Don't just dump your units in the default position. Utilize the pre-deployment movement to strategically place your troops closer to objectives or to flank enemies.

Unit Synergy Matters

Build a balanced team composition. Include frontline fighters like Soldiers to absorb attacks, ranged units like Archers to deal damage from afar, and healers like Shamans to keep your troops healthy.

Unicorn Overlord

Exploit Weaknesses

Certain unit types have inherent weaknesses. For example, Hoplites excel against physical attacks but are vulnerable to magic. Use this knowledge to counter enemy formations effectively.

Embrace the Valor System

Valor, earned through victories and liberating towns, fuels unit deployment and powerful Valor skills. Use Valor strategically to turn the tide of battle.

Think Before You Rest

The "Rest" command may appear useful, but it leaves you susceptible. Use it only in safe areas, and consider switching to a nearby allied unit.

Unicorn Overlord Gameplay

Use the Pause Feature

Do not be scared to halt the game during intense combat. This enables you to plan your next move, issue commands, and respond strategically.

Automate Wisely

The game has auto-equip and auto-tactical choices. Use them to improve your units' equipment and abilities, but remember to fine-tune for specific engagements.

Don't Ignore the Veiler System

Veiler points grant powerful abilities such as teleportation, healing, and resurrecting fallen units. Use them strategically to gain an advantage over opposing forces.


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