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You got ideas to improve the next version of EA Sports UFC game? What feature would you ask EA to add to the game to make UFC 5 a better fighting game?

Write down your suggestions, ideas and wishlist for upcoming UFC 5 game here. We will be listing your wish list here and will try to send it to the developers at Electronic Arts.

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20 thoughts on “UFC 5 Wishlist

  1. Doctor stoppages would be too good and presentations would also be great and we need elbows in the ground and pound and also referee stoppages so if the opponent can’t defend I would like the referee to jump in.And it would also be cool if the cuts would show up on the place I just punched the opponent. Flash kos are also needed in ufc 5. And I think ufc 5 must include draws .And we need more accurate replays I once was playing the game and had my opponent knocked down twice in a round and at the end of the round they showed me legkicks and last but not least the in the game you should be able to punch a fighter without entering their guard

  2. They should add stadiums to do fights in or just marvel stadium seeing as they’ve actually done an event there before, would be cool to have a stadium backdrop on fights in the game.

    More freedom to change weight class and go for different titles in career mode, have interactive press conferences and interviews.

    More brutal ground and pound

    Being able to still hit your opponent after you knock them out until the ref steps in.

    Pride would be a cool addition too.

  3. 1. Career mode where we have interactive Press conference ,Ceremonial Weigh ins, Face off, Post fight interview, octagon Interview, UFC apex fights and more tools to train getting ready for a fight.
    2. Realistic knockouts like Hammer fist on the ground where they get knocked out cold, Getting slammed, Elbow on the ground.

  4. I would love to see were you start career mode but you can choose what era to fight in like be able to fight the guys in their prime like 1999 till 2007 Chuck Liddell was a beast in the light heavyweght division their for you would be able to fight him at his best.

  5. Would love to see Cut Man’s and corners.. I’d like to help close the cuts and drop the swelling. Good corner skills should be important and technique matter. This would be great to show case damage etc

  6. i want old style brutal ground and pound in UFC 5. Like every stoppage should be semi different in terms of how and when the reff pulls you off based on how far away the ref is and based on how close the opponent is to being KOd

  7. I want them to bring back something THQ did in Undisputed, where you can build out a card and fight online. My friends and I do this UFC league of sorts, and being able to do the actual fight card online where we could spectate or whatever would be insanely awesome

  8. First and foremost the striking make them as realistic as possible none of that robotic shit we’ve seen enough of that. You guys did Fight Night Champion and gave us the worst striking as possible. Second the grappling, whether it be Muay Thai, Judo, jiu jitsu, Greco Roman, Sambo, or just plain old wrestling it needs to be fixed. Grappling is greatly overlooked

  9. More blood and injuries in the fights.
    Add a mode similar to the KO mode but deathmatch be an actual deathmatch
    talking shit during a fight, talking to them.
    Callouts post fight
    post fight interviews
    press conferences you can talk at
    weight cutting and weighins
    more options to start a rivalry and interact with other fighters

    1. Changes need to be made EA
      First and foremost
      Please bring back the Dab and counter attack Is was in EA ufc
      When the apponent strikes a punch or kick the player can either dab it away for a high or low attack the second the bob and weave system even the grappling and takedown attemps was easy also the submission system in UFC 4 be a awsome change up and as your watching real time ufc on espn or UFC.com EA needs to make UFC 5 a real life experience captured on PS5 Next generations hardware using Unreal Engine 5 fighters need lots of sweat coming off themselves blood being poored out from every punch or kick and even a highlight reel of the KO
      Bones being broken and damaged
      Limbs torn skin bruises cuts deep
      Make it your own experience
      In create your fighter mode
      Making the UFC fighters face scanned in motion detection Also the fughters in every devision as same as the fight record shows the strength ability etc etc
      Bring DLC for legends and the one I wants is Undisputed Boyka
      Please make it happen EA

      Can u remake Def Jam FFNY on PS5
      Alot has been said
      I want to see a new game with Gameplay mechanic bring the old school Hip Hop icon game back it was my childhood favourite since growing up
      Thank you

      Kind regards

  10. In career mode, interactive open workouts-press conferences-weigh ins and being able to chose what kind of interaction you have with these if you wanna shove your opponent or touch gloves etc.

  11. In career mode, show the fight card and be able to call out fighters post fight. Actually use your money for stuff.

  12. I would like a journey style career mode were ur decisions matter and get start rivalries with any fighter also have press conferences were u choose what to say

  13. I would like if doing career mode you can choose a fighter and pickup right where they are in their career.

      1. UFC 3 damaged model, takes wayyy to may strikes to ko opponents and the striking needs to be faster on input instead of strikes being delayed. New ground and pound instead of ufc 4s system, re mapping takedown buttons and takedown defense.

  14. i’d like to have a revamped fifa style career mode and a big jiujitsu and clinch rework with more fighters and a release on pc i feel would raise sales alot

  15. I would like for them to have a promotion mode or something like that in nba live they have this mode called my league mode so something like that where you can sign new talent maybe from the wfa

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