Tekken 8 – Tips & Tricks

Tekken 8 Tips

Here we have tips and tactics of Tekken 8 that will help you advance through the ranks and show your supremacy.

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Know Your Character

Each Tekken 8 fighter has their own set of attacks, combinations, and playstyles. Take the time to learn about your selected character's quirks. Mastering your character is the key to success, from the Mishima family's powerful electric wind god fist to the acrobatic manoeuvres of the new recruits.

Embrace the Power of Movement

Players with great mobility skills have always been rewarded in Tekken. Sidestepping, backdashing, and crouch-dashing may all be game changers, allowing you to dodge assaults and offer up opportunities for powerful counterattacks. Practise your movements to become a slick and elusive opponent.

Juggling Mastery

Combos are an essential aspect of Tekken gameplay, and learning to juggle your opponents efficiently can turn the tide of a match. Experiment with different combo strings and find the ones that maximize damage while being practical to execute consistently.

Perfect Your Punishment

Recognizing your opponent's mistakes is crucial in Tekken. Learn the frame data for common moves, and practice punishing them effectively. A well-timed punish can shift momentum in your favor and keep your adversary on the defensive.

Make use of the Wall

Tekken 8 offers dynamic stages with walls that can be exploited. Learning wall combinations and applying wall pressure can result in severe damage. Conversely, be cautious of your positioning to prevent being caught by an opponent who is taking advantage of the wall.

Mind Games and Mistakes

Tekken is more than just brute strength and lightning-quick reflexes; it's also a mental game. Alter your strikes, feint, and entice your opponent to make a mistake. Mind games can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Take Advice From Others

View high-level games, read tutorials, and interact with the Tekken community. Learning from veteran players can reveal insights into advanced methods, matchups, and strategies that you may not have discovered otherwise.

Maintain Your Cool Under Pressure

It is critical to keep your cool under stressful situations. Staying cool can help you make better decisions and capitalise on your opponent's mistakes, whether you're facing an aggressive opponent or dealing with a life deficit.

Adaptability is Essential

Contact with the adversary destroys all war plans. Prepare to adjust to your opponent's playing style. Recognise patterns, make adjustments to your strategy, and keep your opponent guessing.


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