Sky: Children of the Light – Tips and Hints

Sky: Children of the Light Tips and Guide

The Sky: Children of the Light takes set in a fantastical realm in which players take on the role of children of light tasked with exploring various locales, learning hidden secrets, and rebuilding fallen constellations in order to restore light to the earth. Here are some advanced and in-depth tips and methods to help you navigate the game and have a better experience.

Master the Flying Mechanism

Flying and moving around are an essential aspect of the game, allowing you to explore new areas and reach previously inaccessible locations. Mastering the flying mechanic takes practice, but it is doable by controlling your flight route with the right joystick and altering your height with the left stick. Timing your jumps and boosts will also allow you to fly higher and cover more ground.

Review all buttons and controls for Sky: Children of the Light game and get familiar with all moves and actions.

Create a Friendship Circle

The game fosters sociability and the formation of relationships with other players. Adding friends and creating groups not only makes the game more enjoyable, but it also unlocks additional regions and skills. You can earn candles by interacting with other players, which are useful for unlocking new areas and purchasing cosmetics.

Communicate with Emotes

The game includes a variety of emotes that allow you to communicate with other players without using words. Learning how to use emotes successfully will assist you in conveying emotions, indicating objectives, and building relationships with other players.

Light Up Spirits

Spirits can be located around the game, and lighting them up will win you candles, cosmetics, and other goodies. Lighting up spirits necessitates gathering light from other game sources, such as candles and stars. Try to light up as many spirits as possible in each level to maximize your rewards.

Collect Winged Light

Winged light is a precious resource that can be utilized to gain new powers and cosmetic items. It may be found distributed across the game and obtained by fulfilling objectives, discovering hidden regions, and engaging with other players.

Use a Controller (If You Don't)

While the game is built for touch screen controls, utilizing a controller can improve your experience by giving you more exact control over your character's motions. To play the game, connect an Xbox or PlayStation controller to your smartphone.

Experiment with Cosmetics

The game includes a variety of cosmetics such as capes, hairstyles, and masks. Experimenting with various cosmetics might help you personalise your character and differentiate yourself from other players.

Visit Seasonal Events

The game hosts seasonal events on a regular basis, each with its own set of rewards and challenges. These events are a wonderful chance to acquire candles, winged light, and other useful resources, so keep an eye out for them when they appear.

Complete Daily Quests

The game provides a fresh set of quests each day that give substantial rewards. Completing these tasks can net you candles, winged light, and other precious materials, so keep an eye out for them every day. Explore Hidden Areas

There are several hidden areas in the game that may be found by exploring and interacting with the environment. These locations frequently hold precious resources like winged light, spirits, and cosmetics, so keep an eye out for hidden passageways and secret areas.

Sky: Children of the Light is a lovely and captivating game that encourages exploration, socialization, and creation. You may improve your experience and make the most of what the game has to offer by following these tips and tricks.


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