Rebel Galaxy – Controls

Rebel Galaxy Controls

Rebel Galaxy tips and controls information for PS4 and Xbox One. Rebel Galaxy is a single-player space trading and combat simulation game created and released by Double Damage Games, a two-person studio. Rebel galaxy game is purchasable for platforms PlayStation 4, Android, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and macOS.

Rebel Galaxy Controls

Action PlayStation 4 Xbox One
Move / Maneuvering / Braking LL
Adjust Camera / Aim Target RR
Recenter Camera R3 R3
Cycle Compat Stations D-Pad D-Pad
Fire Active WeaponR2RT
Precision Aiming Hold L2 Hold LT
Lock Target L1 LB
Deflector Hold R1 Hold RB
Radial Menu Hold △ Hold Y
Secondary Weapon X
Spped Up / Context Action X A
Slow Down / Cancel B
Targeting Mode Touch PadTouch Pad
Submenu Options Start


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