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Need For Speed Unbound Tips and Tricks

Need for Speed Unbound throws you into the vibrant streets of Lakeshore City, where adrenaline-fueled races, high-stakes chases, and artistic expression collide. Mastering these aspects can be tricky, but with the right knowledge, you can become an unstoppable racer and artist. Here are some essential tips and tricks to elevate your Need for Speed Unbound experience.

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Embrace the Art of Evasion

The cops are relentless in Unbound. Turning off your engine reduces your heat signature and helps you evade capture. Utilize tight alleys and underpasses to your advantage, and remember, escaping the police entirely allows you to keep your hard-earned cash.

Befriend the Nitrous

Earning Nitrous (NOS) is crucial for gaining an edge. Not only can you near-instantly refill your NOS meter by near-missing parked cars at high speeds, but mastering drifting and maintaining good grip in corners also contribute to filling your NOS gauge.

The Power of Drafting

Don't underestimate the power of drafting behind other racers. This technique significantly reduces wind resistance, boosting your speed and conserving NOS. Utilize drafting strategically, especially during long straights, to gain an advantage.

Need For Speed Unbound Gameplay

Line-tune Your Ride

Do not settle for a generic configuration. Take full advantage of the extensive performance and graphic customisation possibilities. Experiment with different handling configurations to discover one that suits your driving style and the race requirements.

Plan Your Race Order

Not all events are created equally. Prioritise high-paying races, particularly during the day, to increase your bankroll for improvements. Night qualifiers are the most rewarding, so make sure you're prepared before taking on them.

Smart Betting

When putting wagers, evaluate the opponent's difficulty and your own confidence. While higher chances provide a higher return, do not overextend yourself. Consistently selecting safe bets can result in higher long-term profits.

Need For Speed Unbound

Second Place Can Be a Win

Do not be discouraged if you aim for second place. In some situations, finishing quickly and minimizing damage can be more profitable than pushing for a risky first-place finish that might lead to getting busted and losing your earnings.

Embrace the Side Hustle

Don't neglect side missions. They offer decent rewards and can be completed relatively quickly, providing a reliable source of income to supplement your racing earnings.


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