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NBA Live 20

How would you improve the next version of EA Sports NBA Live video-game? What features would you suggest to EA Sports to add to the game to make NBA Live 2020 a better basketball simulation game?

Put down your suggestions, ideas and wishlist for upcoming NBA Live 20 game here. We will be listing your wish list here and will try to send it to the developers at Electronic Arts.

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59 thoughts on “NBA Live 20 – Wishlist

  1. I want a game mode like journey from fifa
    Want an nba street game mode streetball
    Nba cages from nba2k19 and a good franchise mode
    More variety of game modes like playoff,season and ultimateshould be more interesting
    Court battle should have more intended like
    You are free roaming
    Defend at time of defend and attack
    Like a war
    Go search basketball
    And it will show so many variations
    Take ideas from there
    Like high school and college basketball
    More arenas
    3v3 half court
    More variations
    And more game style
    Diffrent rule
    Dunk,3pt contest and skills challenge
    All star game
    Open world career mode

  2. Bonjour la musculature des joueurs quant on regarde Giannis sur 2k et le live tout est dis …pouvoir sauvegardé un match en cours..désolé mes 2k le fait est c très appréciable. Ne plus voir les bras des joueurs passés à travers les joueurs ou les arbitres et laisser finir le mouvement des tirs notamment sur lancé vilains. Les bras sont toujours en triangle vraiment pas naturel.

  3. NBA live 18 handles and crossovers were better live 19 coming across half court players feet and handles mess up crossovers From animation live 18 gameplay kill 19 period needs and 1 Type crossovers as well especially on the street mode like hello it’s the streets announcers being more involved with the story line in franchise or the league or my career which ever you all decide to go with and any build should be able to dunk just saying all options and attributes should be available to all players I think lebron Zion Westbrook and many other have prooven big man can have handles and the small man can dunk make build be leveled up purely by your gameplay in other words if you cross people every game you should have mad handles if your making blocks you should have mad blocks not goals and it should upgrade daily by your gameplay as well as real life players once in franchise mode should be a day to day upgrade if lebron dunk like crazy and stealing and passing his attributes should go up but if he ain’t playing defence then defence of play should go down it’s simple mechanics and real punish for lack of play in areas and reward the play when deserved simple2020 don’t let me down 2k is f*** trash and 19 was okay but 18 that’s where y’all got it right then upgrade graphics fans announcers as earlier stated and make nba great again

  4. I would like on my Wishlist for NBA live 20 the name of the player have the voice names with the created man. They should use game 14,15,18 and 19 that would be a suggestion to derived. Ea sports had great titles from the Elite Eleven. Which I bought, and it was a great game another thing for the NBA jam to be put in with that. When they got older year by year. The age had progressed to fast, so I would like to see hair cuts and cheerleaders. I thought that NBA Live system for the League was terrific. I wish that live run you could play with CPU people. (Douglas M.)

  5. I want more leagues in nba live 20,international teams
    Better story mode,franchise mode and ultimate team by bringing more options and franchises
    A deep story mode for them
    Then bring new game modes such as world cup,summer league,street or more house rules game modes(alternate rules of football like house rules in fifa 19)
    More options for all modes
    Also improve graphics
    Bring mypark
    Bring new choices for career game mode

    World cup,street,summer league
    International and other leagues
    More game modes such as house rules
    Improve career,franchise and ultimate team
    All star weekend in play now such as slam dunk and 3pt contest
    Ice basketball,four pointer rule,goalie basketball and more
    Weather and ball choice

    Environmental advantages
    Like snow,smoke and more
    Also wind,fire
    Elements and wuper powers are there
    Bring more options of game modes
    Bring trampoline basketball too
    Make controls more easier
    Being new animations
    And moves

    Court battle should be like real war battle
    Bring new rule choices
    Bring a story mode like journey

    1. You sound like a 2k player my advice stick to 2k your asking for 2k trash we don’t need in depth storylines going to clubs and answering phone call warriors just saying

  6. Ea sports NBA LIVE should include European leagues like in fifa and you should be the manager of the team.

  7. A deeper dynasty mode with a practice mode and a free practice like madden 19 franchise. Also a cloud dynasty mode plus the ability to edit the appearance of draft picks and a little more detail to drafting like coming up drafts etc.

  8. Female players to have the WNBA Draft and which they can play in the wnba and maybe if their player is good and have good skills nba players and coaches maybe interested into them and they can play for the nba

    1. More effort given in ultimate team mode.

      An idea as far as the player cards in ultimate team, forget about throwbacks, all star cards season stars and so on…

      Have 1 card for each player, start them all with average stats and then the more you play with them then you can upgrade the stats as you wish.

      You can still sell those players but when you look on the market place you for example can see a KD with maxed out defence and another one with maxed out 3 points. So there will be different players that people have actually made and put effort into.

      It lets you actually play with your ultimate team that you want for the course of the year. Not just making do with the players you earn from packs that you may not have any interest in playing with.

  9. 1.Give the game different commentaries add chuck, Kenny, Shag, and Ernie Johnson.

    2.loose the shot meter we don’t need a meter

    3.give us more control over players by slowing down the game speed just a bit.

    4. Add Better graphics

    5.make crossovers like the shamgod more simple to do.(including all crossovers)

    6.lets us posterize players like live 18

    7.loose the computer put back dunks and lay ups off bricked shots, allow us to tip the shot back into the basket ourselves after we miss a shot, because having the computer to tip shots back into the basket automatically off misses takes the fun out the game.

    8.make it easier for us to throw a lob pass to ourselves like on 2k16 because on NBA live 19 it doesn’t work.

    9.add better crossovers and dunk packages

    10.make it to where we can call time out from our controller during a match without having to press start all the time to do so.

    11.add old school jerseys to all teams

    12.allow us to chase down players and block they shot.

    13.Make the audience more loud and cheerful

    14.keep battle of the courts but give all the courts a different setting instead of a gym setting also make it to where we can travel from neighborhood to neighborhood.

    15.Give the myplayer drills to Earn points towards skills.

    16.add NBA legends and teams

    17.make a better franchise mode it’s a little slow

    18.add new gear

    19.change how the player always falls when someone steps back let us play defense without any flopping rather it be on defense or offense but still give us that chance to crossover and make someone fall.

    20.add a story mode to myplayer where you work your way from highschool to college and into the NBA.

    21. Add a myplayer for wnba and a story mode

    22. Make a game feature to where we can invite a friend to play online head 2 head.

    23. In NBA live 19 I realize when the game is loading a court Is showing, you guys should make it to where while the game is loading we can run around on the court and shoot baskets with the player from our favorite team, then when we make a myplayer give us the choice to run around on the court with either or to shoot around like in NBA live 10 when we had the shoot around court and you could choose any player to shoot around with while the game was loading or until you was ready to go into your main menu and play a exhibition match online or to play a franchise.

    24.Dont add to much street ball into live run if you do miles well make it a street ball video game.

    25. Add dunk and 3 point contest

    26.create online head2head for wnba as well

    27.woman shouldn’t dunk in the game it’s very few not even a handful can dunk in the wnba.

    28. Add 7 game series to online head 2 head

    29.add the shot blocking from NBA live 10

    30. I think you guys should consider taking one unique thing from every NBA live game that was made from 04 to 19 and incorporate it into NBA live 20 minus the dancing we not playing madden.

  10. Should honestly add shirtless on street tour and court battles. Also should be like 2k and buy all types of shoes from a store instead of having to wait two weeks for a new store

  11. I was wondering if NBA Live 20 would add classic teams. I really like playing with old teams and players. That would be a great addition to the game because I think NBA Live is WAAYYYYY better than 2K.

  12. make the crowd more realistic like for example make the crowd live when the opponents is getting destroy and also not a every arena has a lot of fans

  13. More shooting fouls going to the free throw line and offense and defense needs to be more realistic. They make too many shots on offense and defense is too intense as in too many blocked shots and can’t shake people off to get to the basket.

  14. In nba live 20 upcoming video game next year you should add basketball courts like mosswood Oakland California gun hill bronx perkins park Akron Ohio cloverdale Baltimore Maryland dirt bowl Lexington ky Brighton beach London England rucker park venice beach dyckman also add we should be able to play as nba legends teams like Charles Barkley scottie pippen reggie Miller karl malone John Stockton Michael Jordan Allen Iverson wilt Chamberlain bill Russell Larry bird magic Johnson dan Majerie jon starks Patrick Ewing

  15. What I would love to see for nba live 20 is the WNBA one mode for the female characters also since 2k is stealing live ideas by adding women into their game I think live should park mode from them and make it way better have it where u can travel to different parks have better animations and also more shoes into the game

  16. The way to make NBA live 20 better is make signature size ups for both male and female. Next use 2k new takeover system for every mode including team take over, make it so that we can see our coaches face and interact with your coaches trainers in person make a different story for both male and female characters give the lady’s a franchise and head to head mode. Also maybe do a story for the one entire NBA Carreer if possible give your playmakers like LeBron an 87% 3 point rating and give play makers a mid range game . Also use the Frost bite engine and add a lot more meat to all your modes from the one to head to head all modes also allow player to practice and earn double xp if they do good in practice. Last if you put on ankle braces you should make +2 speed for both ankle brackets for a total of 4 next better dunk packages based on player and LeBron should have an 98% dunk also the weight should not affect speed for your created player NBA is full of athletic players we should be given that freedom. I believe 100% if you do these things and do THEM RIGHT YOU WILL BEAT 2k.

  17. Some sort of virtual card collecting / trading mode. NBA live could capitalize on 2K’s lack of knowledge and dedication to their MyTeam game mode. NBA live could make a comeback and compete with 2K, with a fresh virtual trading card / collection game mode.

  18. More reason to play the league. Like 2k you get endorsement and earn VC, stuff like that make cut scenes where you have to make choices. Just a more in depth career mode, along with more Jerseys and be able to have more than 3 traits activated I would go with 5.

    1. I agree with all that but instead of just 5 why not 7 for 3 sets and it shows you all 3 that you can switch while in game.

  19. Everything is canned animations. I don’t have to press a button to grab a rebound my guy will automatically jump. Fix that. Fix the player ratings. I see a lot of people who aren’t on rosters who are actually signed to a team( fix). If you dont have a face scan at least try to make the player in thier likeness(fix). The franchise mode is so shallow. Add all time records from the nba, more control over contracts, make the mode two player, make it to where you can be more than one team or change your team in the game mode, custom draft classes, an actual draft lottery, injuries in game, better foul calling, and make the whistle louder, expansion, better scouting, retired jerseys, the new all start format, all star weekend. Thats enough for franchise.
    Better player customization, better body types on the nba players, better commentary( get Reggie Miller or something), classic teams, more jerseys, take people off teams if they’re not in a team, and better sound affects,

  20. 1.- Option to create in franchise mode, a new franchise in a city, like in the NBA 2K, by designing your logo, the court and the jerseys, and competein the league against the other clubs.
    2.- Use these created clubs in The One too.
    3.- More deep options to customize your club, having the option to select a manager, a coach, assistant coach…
    4.- Improve the animations in the NBA Finals in The One.
    5.- Real interviews, just like in Fifa 19 The Journey mode.
    6.- Play the All-Star 3 Point contest, slam dunk contest, abilities…
    7.- Animations before and after the matches.
    8.- Private life in THE ONE (buy a house, meat your teamates for dinner, go to the gym, buy cars…)
    9.- More interactions with the teamates in THE ONE.
    10.- Improve a liitle bit the animations and the style of gaming.

    1. I agree with you and they need to put something like what NBA ballers phenom had with the open city with CPU and animals walking around

  21. 1.- Signature animations for dribbling, dunks, step-backs, 3 point shoots…
    2.- Being able to change The League player’s position.
    3.- The option to create a Shooting Guard in The One
    4.- Female players The League mode.
    5.- More animations in The One mode.
    6.- More interaction in The One with your teamates and with other players in the league.

  22. Make a better cover design seems like you guys just threw something together. What else trips me out is when I’m playing an exhibition match one of my players always freeze’s up so, I have to call a time out to unfreeze him. Make the crossovers like the shamegod more easy and simpler to do and that goes for all the crossovers as well and don’t make it to where you fall on every crossover move because there are also great defenders in the league just like there’s good ball handlers. I think the gameplay of how they shoot the ball ,dribble the ball, pass the ball, play defense and the way they step back should be made based off how they play in the league today. I also think you can slow the game speed down a bit it’s just a video game not real life, you guys should go back to the live 18 Euro step controls, and you guys should make it easier to call timeouts while in a match instead of having to press start to call timeout so we can call our own time outs and make our own substitutions instead of letting the computer make em for us. Let’s us posterize other players when we go for a dunk but let us control the block like on live 19, give the players more movement instead of being still when a time out is called. Add cheerleaders during halftime,add better graphics through out the whole game but don’t over do it like 2k ,you guys should add old school teams as well, change the online play make it to where we can invite a player from our friends list to play against us, also add online play for the wnba and give wnba a myplayer that goes through highschool, through college and gets drafted into the wnba after college, also update all the gear like the cloths the shoes things of that nature, make play calling more simple, make alley oop to self more simple like 2k16, keep the battle of the courts for the myplayer but make it to where we can walk from neighborhood to neighborhood to play on other people’s courts rather it be in the US or overseas , use the ball handling styles they use In today’s NBA ,let the NBA players do they hand shakes and gestures in the game

  23. You need to add it to be possible to go through steps with friends at pro am as it was at nba live 16 and improve the facial scan

  24. I want user controlled blocks , rebounds, smoother shot meter and Chase down blocks in the game.I like to the club return as a online my player mode with customizable jerseys kinda like 2k’s pro-am mode. something else that would be cool is an actual story mode but I don’t won’t the game to be to story driven and if you decide to use a story mode I want the cutscenes to be interactive. I think shoe deals and other endorsements should be in the game an ability to negotiate the terms of those deals also ball intangiblity and dribble size ups. one other thing better passing because sometimes ball doesn’t go to who I intend to get it

  25. Graphics artwork need to go back to Live18 but update the player likeness like 19 and keep updating. I like the sweat in Live 18 so if that can be in 20 or better that’s good. Add a offline parkmode. Just like the streets but offline multiplayer. Add classic teams. Somehow get Kobe and Jordan in the game. Whats a basketball game without them. Add more animations. Add more jersey’s. Lastly, add current real life basketball games. Showing basketball games playing during that day just to add some realism to this sim game

  26. NFL Rush Zone Turn NHL Rush Zone
    MLB The Show Turn NBA The Show
    NBA Live Turn NFL Live
    NBA 2K19 Turn NFL 2K19
    NFL Blitz Turn NHL Blitz
    NHL Hitz Turn NFL Hitz
    Madden NFL Turn Madden NHL
    NFL GameDay Turn NHL GameDay
    NHL Slapshot Turn NFL Slapshot
    NFL Classic Games Turn NHL Classic Games

  27. 1. signature jumpshot off dribble all players
    2. signature free throw routine all players
    3. better shot blocking
    4. more signature dribble moves and sizeup moves
    5. PF & C that have a handle actually be able to dribble
    6. beat big mean off the dribble when you get a swtich
    7. defender react to jab steps and dribble moves more
    8. less reaction to step backs so player don’t fall down as much but still offense player gain space
    9. more signature dunking and layup packages depending location on court
    10. better transition after steals
    11. player filling lanes better on fast breaks to the rim if they are good dunkers or 3 point line if the are good shooters
    12. better and more plays and adjustments from coachs
    13. signature stepbacks & more gathers at the rim

  28. More slots to create players, a lot more. I want to create several dozen or so.

    Be able to edit the wnba players the way you can the NBA players.

    Be able to have exhibition games with any players in the game both created and real, male and female, and in any combination on both teams.

    1. Edit: more create a player slots for female players that is, as in the Edit roster section for the NBA. Need that for the wnba too.

  29. 1- Add some cut scenes and give player choices that affect progression.
    2- Commentary needs a new flavour
    3- More fluid movements ( comparable to 2k’s)

  30. 1.More options for wnba my career and wnba gameplay

    2. Easier dribble controls

    3. Better ball physics and net physics

    1. A deeper franchise mode
      Make the fans wave towels for the playoffs
      Bring back the USA team
      All star weekend dunk contest and 3 point
      A louder announcer that says the name after each score

        1. Dear nba live team,
          For NBA live 20 just add mypark like in nba 2k16 and i assure you you will get a margin of 30% of increase of number of copies sold of nba live 19. In addition fix the sound of the basket make it more realistic and the sound of the ball and layups animations dunks and fix the dribbling moves to be smoother and if you add mypark you will have already 2 clients changing from 2k to live.

          1. One on one play and a old school teams one for every team and get to play online with WNBA too

      1. hello for the wishlist sa would be good, a camera deeper especially for the defense I can not find his practice the camera that follows the ball. then a story a role would be good! a neighborhood but hey would copy on 2k damage!

    2. EA should add the training academy in NBA Live 20 like they did in NBA live 09 and 10 it kinda give you a realistic feel, in live 19 franchise mode iss

      1. Didn’t finish but franchise mode in live 19 is terrible, the commentary is bad , they need to bring back Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy

    3. they need to add a neighborhood like 2k, need to work on chased down blocks, a layup meter, better story mode, and a competitive pro am

    4. Add 1v1 to the game, but not for live run just make it in a way that we can invite people to our mycourts and play against them using our created characters, add 2v2 for live run option, add more faster dribble moves, and also in whatever live run game mode we play 3s, 5s, 2s when all players of the opposing team leaves it should be an automatic win for the other opposing team, and make it more longer too reach 99 ovr and make it more worth it and legendary type-stuff by giving awards like for male created characters we could be able to go topless at a certain ovr, and other more awards that you think will hype us even more, for the clothing add caps, earrings, not all clothing has to be sport themed, and more dunking, layup animations, with even more celebrations. Now for a park I honestly do not care whether EA adds it or not and that’s it and also take out court battles, cause barely nobody plays that mode. I know this is a long wishlist but I hope at least most of these happen in live 20

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