NBA Live 20 – Wishlist

NBA Live 20

How would you improve the next version of EA Sports NBA Live video-game? What features would you suggest to EA Sports to add to the game to make NBA Live 2020 a better basketball simulation game?

Put down your suggestions, ideas and wishlist for upcoming NBA Live 20 game here. We will be listing your wish list here and will try to send it to the developers at Electronic Arts.


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9 thoughts on “NBA Live 20 – Wishlist

  1. 1- Add some cut scenes and give player choices that affect progression.
    2- Commentary needs a new flavour
    3- More fluid movements ( comparable to 2k’s)

  2. More slots to create players, a lot more. I want to create several dozen or so.

    Be able to edit the wnba players the way you can the NBA players.

    Be able to have exhibition games with any players in the game both created and real, male and female, and in any combination on both teams.

  3. 1. signature jumpshot off dribble all players
    2. signature free throw routine all players
    3. better shot blocking
    4. more signature dribble moves and sizeup moves
    5. PF & C that have a handle actually be able to dribble
    6. beat big mean off the dribble when you get a swtich
    7. defender react to jab steps and dribble moves more
    8. less reaction to step backs so player don’t fall down as much but still offense player gain space
    9. more signature dunking and layup packages depending location on court
    10. better transition after steals
    11. player filling lanes better on fast breaks to the rim if they are good dunkers or 3 point line if the are good shooters
    12. better and more plays and adjustments from coachs
    13. signature stepbacks & more gathers at the rim

  4. NFL Rush Zone Turn NHL Rush Zone
    MLB The Show Turn NBA The Show
    NBA Live Turn NFL Live
    NBA 2K19 Turn NFL 2K19
    NFL Blitz Turn NHL Blitz
    NHL Hitz Turn NFL Hitz
    Madden NFL Turn Madden NHL
    NFL GameDay Turn NHL GameDay
    NHL Slapshot Turn NFL Slapshot
    NFL Classic Games Turn NHL Classic Games

  5. Graphics artwork need to go back to Live18 but update the player likeness like 19 and keep updating. I like the sweat in Live 18 so if that can be in 20 or better that’s good. Add a offline parkmode. Just like the streets but offline multiplayer. Add classic teams. Somehow get Kobe and Jordan in the game. Whats a basketball game without them. Add more animations. Add more jersey’s. Lastly, add current real life basketball games. Showing basketball games playing during that day just to add some realism to this sim game

  6. I want user controlled blocks , rebounds, smoother shot meter and Chase down blocks in the game.I like to the club return as a online my player mode with customizable jerseys kinda like 2k’s pro-am mode. something else that would be cool is an actual story mode but I don’t won’t the game to be to story driven and if you decide to use a story mode I want the cutscenes to be interactive. I think shoe deals and other endorsements should be in the game an ability to negotiate the terms of those deals also ball intangiblity and dribble size ups. one other thing better passing because sometimes ball doesn’t go to who I intend to get it

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