National Teams the Fans Want to See in FIFA 19

FIFA 19 National Teams

The FIFA fans have been voting for their favourite national teams to see them in upcoming FIFA 19 video-game. The FIFA 19 Nations Teams vote which set by a FIFA 19 community website. listed 45 country names that were not playable in previous FIFA games.

This voting poll has received over 35,000 votes so far and is trying to encourage the marketing people at Electronic Arts Inc. to get licenses for including more country national teams for FIFA 19. Below is the list of national teams with the most number of votes:


Indonesia national team (Known as "Tim Nasional Sepak Bola Indonesia" in Indonesian language) got 10,774 votes and is placed as the number in the vote at the moment. Indonesia national team qualified only once for the FIFA World Cup which was in 1938. It seems that Indonesia people are very keen to see their national team in FIFA 19 game.


According to the official statistics, football is the most popular sport in Georgia country. Georgian national team never made it into the FIFA World Cup before, but Georgian fans voted our 3,300 times in the hope to see their national team in the game.


It might be surprising for you to see that the State of Palestine got over 2,900 votes in this voting poll. Football is quite popular in Palestine and they have their own domestic league known as the West Bank Premier League which is quite organized. We have asked FIFPlay website whether they can share some details on the vote with us regarding to this result and according to them, the voters who chose Palestine were not fully coming from the State of Palestine but the Arab countries. Wherever the voters are coming from, it seems that Palestine national team is quite popular to be in FIFA 19.


Perhaps the Dynamo Kiev football club and the striker, Andriy Shevchenko who played for big clubs such as Chelsea and AC Milan are the most popular names when it comes to football & Ukraine. The Ukraine national football team (збірна України з футболу) has received 2,500+ votes in this vote so far.


However the Malaysian national team has never appeared in the final rounds of FIFA World Cup competitions, the Malaysian football fans still want to see their team in the FIFA games. Over 2,000 of submitted votes of this poll are for Malaysian national team. With having around 32 millions of population, it seems that Malaysia could be a potential market for EA is their national team is included in the upcoming FIFA game.

FIFA 19 National Teams Poll

The voting poll for FIFA 19 national team list is available at, you can suggest them your favourite national team to be added to the list if it isn't there yet.

FIFA 19 is expected to be officially announced in June at E3 Expo 2018 and its release date is predicted to be in September 2018.


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