Football Referee – Third Update to Add Story Mode

Football Referee

Football Referee new update is available now - The new update adds a new story mode featuring Felix Platt to the game.

The update version 3 adds the following features and changes to the previous version of the Football Referee game:

  • Story Mode - The new story mode follows the career life of Felix Platt, a fictional English referee who has promoted to referee English Premier League matches. The story mode divides into the chapters where you have to referee matches, pass refereeing test and make choices to proceed to go through the story.

  • Autosave Feature - Football Referee new update features an autosave function which automatically saves your current progress. This feature also saves your gained XP to help the game rate your skills and enable the new features that come in the next updates.

  • Mobile Compatible - Football Referee is now playable on all platforms including mobile devices. All you need to play this game, is a web-browser and an internet connection.

Football Referee is a sports video game that simulates association football refereeing. By playing the Football Referee game, the player takes over the refereeā€™s job which includes going through a pre-kick off checklist and then making decisions on situations that happen during a football match.

Football Referee is playable for free at


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