MLB The Show 23 – Controls

MLB The Show 23 Controls

MLB The Show 23 buttons layout controls cheatsheet for PlayStation, MLB The Show 23 is a baseball video-game by San Diego Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, based on Major League Baseball (MLB) for PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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MLB The Show 23 Controls

Action PlayStation Xbox / PC
DiveR2 ButtonRT Button
Slide (Control direction)R3R3
JumpRB ButtonR1 Button
Aim Plate Coverage Indicator/PCIMove Left StickMove Left Stick
Power SwingSquare ButtonX Button
Normal SwingX ButtonA Button
Contact SwingCircle ButtonB Button
Guess Pitch TypeR2 + X, Circle, Square, TriangleRT + A, B, X, Y
Guess Pitch LocationMove Left Stick + R2Move Left Stick + RT
Select PitchX, Circle, Triangle, Square, or R1A, B, Y, X, or RB
Pitch OutL1 + XLB + A
Look at the runnerHold L2Hold LT
Intentional WalkL1 + CircleLB + B
Throw to 1st BaseCircle ButtonB Button
Throw to 2nd BaseTriangle ButtonY Button
Throw to 3rd BaseSquare ButtonX Button
Throw to Home BaseX ButtonA Button
Move PlayerMove Left StickMove Left Stick
Throw to CutoffL1 ButtonLB Button
Release PitchX ButtonA Button
Pickoff to 1st BaseL2 + CircleLT + B
Pickoff to 2nd BaseL2 + TriangleLT + Y
Pickoff to 3rd BaseL2 + SquareLT + X
Display Catcher’s Pitch CallR2 ButtonRT Button


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