Madden NFL 21 – Wishlist

Madden NFL 21

Got some ideas to improve the next version of EA Sports Madden NFL game? What would you suggest to EA Sports to add to the game to make Madden NFL 21 a better American football game?

Put down your suggestions, ideas and wishlist for upcoming Madden NFL 21 game here. We will be listing your wish list here and will try to send it to the developers at Electronic Arts.


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20 thoughts on “Madden NFL 21 – Wishlist

  1. Make franchise 10 years long and develop story line player holdouts contract discussions whole 9 yards better scouting and draft

    1. Madden NFL 20 has the worst franchise which is bare bones lazy,backbreaker did better because it was pure analog stick passing on backbreaker

    2. I think that madden 21 should have Julian Edelman on the cover. He was the super bowl LIII mvp and is a really great player. Plz

  2. Madden NFL is garbage,madden nfl series need boycotted,why the fuck Madden NFL 21 because all the previous Madden NFL games get worst with frostbite and a gay cover athlete,madden nfl hasn’t been like the old madden nfl games and 18,19 and 20 are garbage,Do we really want a fucking Madden NFL 21 by fucking ea sports because the game has been dead since Madden NFL 2007.

  3. Make franchise Mode as a head coach as in-depth as NFL Head Coach 09. Add more options for coach personalities, Coach levels and skills. Add the ability create plays and have playbook knowledge be part of the game as players. Or at least take steps toward that direction. Franchise mode has taken a lot of steps back. 2k has made improved on it’s association mode with the MyGM mode and they already have two other thriving game modes. There’s no reason why EA can’t give us a better, more complete product.

    1. Ea sports is a liar,they’re ones that should be in real trouble because of gambling loot boxes,i’m doubting Madden NFL will be on PlayStation 5 which may not be called PlayStation 5 or ps5,i’m doubting Madden NFL 21 will be on next gen consoles because the previous Madden NFL games was trash out of garbage,copy and paste all it is a updated roster every year,Madden NFL Sucks,i don’t think Madden NFL 21 will next gen exclusive because with madden nfl 20 getting bad reviews because Madden NFL 20 is garbage with frostbite engine,so,i would say Madden NFL 21 ps5 not going to happen

    2. Basically remake Madden 08. Make the game feel more personal. Add more to the college experiance. Add Rock and other genres for the music. More awesome super bowl presentations. News section just has to be way better. It’s complete trash in Madden 20. Madden 20 itself is just awful. So y’all need to throw this blue print of Madden away, and start new. Add classic teams in Exhibition mode like ’99 Titans.

  4. Make It were you can be DC OC AN HC also make them customizable

    Offensive Coordinator
    Defensive Coordinator
    Head Coach

    Full superstar mode

  5. Bring back an improve version of truestep and real physics! It actually felt like real running, probably the best running mechanics Madden has ever had

  6. for accessories i say add in the high scrunch’s socks and team sock height level like how Patrick Mahomes wears it and the sock style odell wears and so many others.. i say add a padded arm sleeve, colored visors, towel and hand warmer placement and for uniform style i say higher game pants like how they wear them above there knees.

  7. Make madden my player like 2k an you can play any position on the field offense or defense. an put long shot story also back on madden that would be wonderful

  8. Make madden NFL 21 like the 2k version. For like the face of the franchise instead of just a QB you can be any position on the field, offense or defense. You should make your player walk around like 2k and you could put in 7 on 7 to test your players athleticism against other players. Also for the position your in you could have a mentor to help you become great at your position. For example if your a rookie receiver for the falcons, your mentor could be Julio Jones or if your a running back for the Cowboys or Raiders you can have a mentor like Emmit Smith or Marshawn Lynch to help you become a great athlete.

  9. 1. Bring back cpu vs cpu in franchise mode
    2. Allow custom teams a la NCAA 14
    3. Allow for more than 32 teams in franchise mod4. More depth in created stadiums
    4. Bring back classic stadiums as options for created teams
    5. Allow import of NCAA 14 senior draft class
    6. Make playable on PS3

  10. Make a college team mode where you can play as a college team
    And your on create team and jerseys and football field almost like nhl creation zone

  11. In no specific order because all of this needs to be implemented into this hollow franchise.

    1. Coaching carousel (HC, OC, DC, STC)
    2. Stat tracking (check out individual players stats from previous teams/seasons)
    3. Better and more immersive scouting AND draft! (AI trying to trade up or down in draft according to their needs as well)
    4. Improved blocking in general.
    5. Improved custumization (stadiums, players, teams)
    6. Immersive off the field menues (league news, team news, realistic contracts, holdouts etc.)

  12. Madden nfl isn’t what it use to be,the game a lie every year it’s copy & paste because it’s the same crap every year because the new nfl and the freaking new England Patriots been to the superbowl three times in a row and Tom Brady still kicks everyone’s ass because the goddamn new England Patriots win the freaking Superbowl every year because of freaking Madden NFL and the freaking damn the new England Patriots are going to the superbowl for the fourth time in a row and i’m freaking tired of new England Patriots winning the superbowl and there’s no respect for the Pittsburgh Steelers because Madden NFL a freaking scam for the freaking new England Patriots to win the superbowl,don’t freaking buy Madden NFL any because there is no 2020 Pittsburgh Steelers,never will happen because the freaking new England Patriots are freaking going to superbowl for the rest three years because Madden NFL is just a freaking scandal game by fucking ea sports voted by the worst company,

  13. 1. Give us the option to choose turf/grass as the owner when relocating or renovating the entire stadium.
    2. In franchise or the next iteration of qb1 let us buy houses, cars, furniture, tattoos or get wives/girlfriends, have kids or adopt, friends asking for money, choose who our agent is, start parties, buy dinner for the team, or sign contracts, autographs, and gear deals.
    Getting all of the suggestions would make franchise mode/ qb1 fun again.

  14. Get drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in qb1 to be the next ben Roethlisberger and get drafted by new England Patriots to be the next Tom Brady,the future is bright
    They don’t make football games easy enough,why buy

    They need to make football games alot easier because they’re easy enough or simple because i’m about to quit buying sports because they’re freaking unplayable

    Football games are becoming a problem because they’re too hard and football games make me break my fucking tv,all fucking sports,am i in the mood for Madden NFL 21? No

    Um,i know we don’t have a win-loose predictions in Madden NFL because we sort of don’t have a Superbowl predictions table or a predictions like win-loose durning season games,oh underneath the teams logo in the beginning of football games should be the win-lose record

  15. I want to see you start in high school and play your way up to nfl like 4games high school 6games college and then your normal nfl season. And a full team creator like name and uniforms.

    1. Madden nfl needs to alot easier because it’s not easy enough,madden nfl 21 needs to improve the commentary and like the win-loose record should underneath the teams logo,but the overall rating can get worst if you don’t get a good enough quarterback and you’re NFL team falls apart sometimes because the team overall rating is a huge factor,when Tom Brady retires the new England Patriots team overall drops down,the Pittsburgh Steelers team overall won’t be good in Madden NFL 20 after the 2019 season is over,i think Ben Roethlisberger needs to retired because he gets hurt alot,a career ending injury he might get if ben roethlisberger plays,i think the Pittsburgh Steelers need to replace ben roethlisberger if this new unknown 3rd string quarterback

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