Madden NFL 21 – Wishlist

Madden NFL 21

Got some ideas to improve the next version of EA Sports Madden NFL game? What would you suggest to EA Sports to add to the game to make Madden NFL 21 a better American football game?

Put down your suggestions, ideas and wishlist for upcoming Madden NFL 21 game here. We will be listing your wish list here and will try to send it to the developers at Electronic Arts.

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73 thoughts on “Madden NFL 21 – Wishlist

  1. this probably wont work but maybe try to make national teams like in fifa. you could have like a world baseball classic but football. even thought there aren’t many countries that play football you could make fake names for a few countries

  2. In comp vs comp mode, it would be cool to see the plays on the bottom that each team is running.


  4. I am angry because the cover athlete is lamar Jackson which breaks my little heart of all of cover athlete idiots never freaking learn you’re lesson buying freaking Madden NFL games from taking voting for the worthless cover athlete calling big ben a rapist,kids duchebags of you’re Baltimore ravens fan base selfish punks.

  5. Get rid of the player abilities. Boost player recognition on defense mostly on man to man def. please add team play back to regular mode and not just on MUT.

  6. Please bring Madden 21 to the Nintendo switch.bring south Carolina gameocks Georgia tech nc tar heels as part of colleges to choose from.story mode starts you from high school football college then NFL.can pick you favorite team to be drafted by.high school made up teams pamplico raiders,Wilson tigers ,south Florence bruins Johnsonville(SC)dragons new Haven rockets Seattle washers ECT. Nintendo switch versions have NFL blitz type arcade featuring team Mario team Sonic where characters can use there abilities in the game.created player’s can use their own voices in the game to answer questions face scan on PS4 switch Xbox one and stadia.players can pick any position to play as in story mode more romance fights decision choosing in story mode.superbowl upaused halftime show.real time commercials when u pause game.real time gameplay (ps5) automatic 4k and 3d gameplay(with pop out)on PS4 ps5 pC and xbox one can create your own playbook for local and online play can create/face scan more than one person to add to team

  7. Madden NFL 21 gameplay needs to be munch easier on next gen on PlayStation 5 and xbox series x,but backbreaker added pure analog control passing,but it seems Madden NFL series gets worst on the older outdated consoless,but the NFL playoffs are expanded,so,would be cool if the looser nfl team have to verse a xfl team like the worst nfl team gets face a xfl team in the xfl 2k imported to madden nfl 21

  8. Honestly focus on a career mode, ppl and fans love career mode. You should be able to play high school up to a state championship then college to national championship to nfl to super bowl. Specialize in it, make it almost real…. like also being able to perform in the combine and being able to buy a house depending on salary,
    Practice on your own field and a teams field. Be able to work with sponsors and do interviews like the past maddens. Make plays more strategic. Actually being able to live like an NFL superstar buying things like house and car, getting asked to star in movies, doing interviews, and working with sponsors for more money. It’s not just about playing a game, the fans want to know the life.
    Madden in general needs a great story line ….
    give the fans what they want and your game will fly off the shelves.
    But I focus in career mode bc sometimes it’s nice to fantasize about being a bad ass quarterback.
    I also think it would be cool to bring back the genetic traits that you can choose yourself like what your parents strengths were in which defines you, but I agree face scan would be cool but it needs to be better than 2k bc theirs crashes all the time. Seriously focus on the career mode and making it like the whole real life of an nfl superstar not just on the field, off the field too.

  9. Madden 21 please add facescan feature to play as yourself in the game.add cities like Florence,Columbia,Charleston,pamplico south carolina.charlotte Grenville Winston Salem tarheel Fayetteville Raleigh NC. announcer says created player’s name( brown Parker javen Jamal Caleb burnette zamaury zekievian Anthony buster levern k’yon Shaw Charles Matthew Donald patrist Drake Henry Tony Oliver James D’Angelo.make Madden 21 on the Nintendo switch and the stadia more colleges to choose from Superbowl halftime show that’s non skipable go to commercials when pause the game can use your own voice for created characters created player’s can pick team of their own

  10. This changes everything everything my own my line,spots games are pointless without strategy and sports games showed the worst of all things with micro transactions and scripting.

    Seriously,None of you have a point because all sports games suck and lamar Jackson is putting Madden NFL series in the world’s worst catalog entry without strategic plan on a different level perspective.

    I’ll have to give you a hint because you wouldn’t know who won Superbowl XL against Seattle Seahawks and Superbowl XLIII vs Arizona cardinals to keep you on the right track because right now you’re on the wrong track going nowhere and Madden NFL 21 cover athlete is leading us to it’s downfall if lamar Jackson is on the stupid cover because i wouldn’t buy it worth sh*** because everyone else that buys a worthless piece of garbage game with a Baltimore Ravens on the cover should just gets it’s plugged pulled,really

    Apparently if lamar Jackson is on the cover of Madden NFL 21 then all sports games are in the wrong catagory

    There should be a circumstance here in all videogames and including all sports games.all sports games are the problem right now because Madden NFL series is honestly the blame of how bad sports games are lead to horrible resulting in a Sports game being lamar Jackson on Madden NFL 21 cover athlete is down to a negative -0 because the blame here is electronic arts company ruining other games like fifa 20,nhl 20 and nba 2k 20,

    Want to here the funniest joke because woof,tom brady and lamar Jackson got stormed by the Tennessee titans and titanic fall on tom brady and lamar Jackson because derick heary ran all over the two feilds like a flash of lightning speed.hehehe or a bolt of electricity.

    Here’s a cathphrase,here comes the Titans all over tom brady and lamar Jackson.

    All sports games are considered garbage if lamar Jackson is the cover athlete of Madden NFL 21 and the worthless sports apocalypse on next gen because i’m about literally be done with sports games and sell my xbox one x probably because Madden NFL series is pissing everyone off with f*** lamar jackson this and that because Madden NFL series is goddamn worthless with a bunch of stupid cover predictions are f*** more worthless and so is john madden and entire Madden NFL series and the worth development that electronic arts stands for is turd in dogsh***.

  11. My biggest whishes are ….

    – more realistic Gameplay Simulation, especially CPU Quarterbacks, they throw away the ball way to less and staying too often in the pocket, nearly no scrambling. So in the end qb accuracy and completion percentages are way too high and way too many sacks so the stats in the end are sometimes far from realism, even with good defense and changed sliders, not close to the realism you have for example in nba 2k!

    – next Thing is presentation, no pregame Shows, no halftime Shows, no Cheerleaders, no Tattoos, no Oldschool super bowl Teams from the past etc. this is a presentation like xbox 360 and far away of next Generation, take a look what 2k can do here, if you don´t want to lose your supporters like with the Desaster game called fifa 20!!

    – Franchise mode need more Depth too, more Coach personalities, own created Plays, press conferences or stuff like that etc.

    I hope for big improvements and not only taking Money from Football fans for a game which is far under his contemporary potential !!

  12. I have a big of madden since 1999.
    The biggest thing i would like to see is a broadcast team of Al Michaels and John Madden maybe Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.
    A fox experience with a pregame show and a halftime show.
    Finally a full update of Head Coaches and Associates.
    Let’s give the gamer’s something to be happy about

  13. Give us neglected legends like Derek Thomas as well as Neil Smith and Warren Moon, etc. I’d also love to see Derek Thomas be made the cover star, his record is more than deserving as is the fans who remember and miss his days on the field. I’m sure it would mean alot to his family as well.

  14. Madden NFL 20 isn’t how you make a sports game on pro difficulty and the cpu cheats every f*** time,i’m through with the worst franchise of all time is freaking madden nfl series because they can’t make simulation football like it’s supposed to be period f*** making a statement because Madden NFL 20 is twenty five steps back because this isn’t how you make football because i’m about to report the f*** cover rumors of lamar jackson on Madden NFL 21 cover then the whole Madden series gets reported because freaking Madden NFL 21 cover of being the goddamn worst sports franchise because i f*** hate electronic arts video games and this is a compliment to the world worst gameplay because this doesn’t feel like Madden NFL. At all because this is goddamn NFL. Street with Pokemon abilities because i’m about to loose faith who really deserves the cover is Aaron rogers not lamar jackson because jealous of the way that madden nfl has been wants me to judge the next cover athlete because Madden NFL 20 went in the very wrong direction way worst then 19 and 18 because this a direct insult to madden nfl 09 and 08 because Madden NFL isn’t next gen experience at f*** all?,nope,not even close to a real experience because jealousy matters.

  15. I have been a loyal fan of Madden since I was a middle schooler but I have to admit Madden has really been disappoint over the years. EA Sports should really look at NBA 2K series in how in depth they go in their franchise mode. I would like to see;

    1.) More in depth coaching options- they should go back to allowing you to have access to the real coaches and add the offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator positions and give options of having a pool of real coaches (employed and not) as well as coordinators. They should allow you to be able to create coaches as well and allow you to adjust their schemes, while in the season as well not just in the beginning of the season. They should have more facial and body options for the created coaches as well. They should have overall ratings for coaches in areas like motivator, coaching adjustments, building a roster, tendencies of call calling.

    2.) They should have more real life conflicts or interactions from players to the coaches that affect team chemistry or contract negotiations. Based on coaches approach and players personality match can affect outcome.

    3.) They should allow you to resign players before their contracts are up not just on the final year.

    4.) They should allow you to an option to offer players restructures for contracts and players can turn it down or accept based on player and coach chemistry.

    5. ) They should allow you to have defensive sub packages based on your custom playbook so you can create personnel matchups vs teams vs just using standard substitutions during the game.

    6.) They should have an option to script plays at the start of games, halftime or during two min warnings.

    7.) They should let you create plays; formations, blocking assignment, motions and etc.

    8.) Bring back pre snap formation shifts.

    9.) They need to abandoned this 2020 gameplay and go back to 2019 game play when it comes to controlling the runner. Running the ball was just to loose. Needs more realism in the gameplay and controls.

    1. The Madden NFL game is trash,they keep making this garbage because Madden NFL 21 is straight up worthless because it’s not freaking next gen material,madden NFL needs it’s plugged pulled where it doesn’t belong?

  16. Madden nfl is getting unfair because there’s no roughing the punter call or kicker penalty when there should be a out of bouce penalty too.

    1. If a commissioner disbands the the person they friend requested,they should get penalty or one of their nfl players suspended by the general manager mode for Madden NFL 21 because with the create a schedule tool that was feature in ncaa 14 that you can customize the schedule the way you,the general manager can either delay a game and reschedule when it’s raining or snowing bad or giving the a bye week to prepare to face.the general manager predicts the toughest schedule in the NFL.

      1. Every f*** year they make they make the goddamn worthless sh*** game that f*** Madden NFL 21 is freaking goddan worthless as f***,anymore of f*** youtubers spend too much time on freaking mut and ultimate team when it doesn’t needed because anyone is foolish to throw there life away because humanity is stupidly and madden nfl 21 lets see lamar jackson on the cover,HELL NO Because the last Thing we f*** need is a Baltimoore Ravens on a worthless developers that f*** electronic arts stands for is f*** Bullsh***.

  17. Electronic arts Madden NFL series needs reported because electronic arts games are garbage all of them?

  18. Have more customization when it comes to Madden 21 relocation teams

    Really Madden. It’s been the same for over 5 years now. I hate that when I want to relocate a team in Franchise mode I get the same stupid options such as choose from the same stupid cities every year, which some don’t make since such as having 2 teams in Chicago, and also having to deal with choosing 1 out of 3 uniforms that most just look horrible, and then choosing out of like 5 stadiums and boom, you have a team that you didn’t really customize.

    How we could make this better
    1. More Cities. Let us choose what city we want to play in such as places like Milwaukee or CHARLOTTE etc.
    2. Let us fully customize the team. I’m talking name, logo, uniforms, stadiums, colors etc.
    3. Still keep some of the preset teams in there though because I love the idea of the San Antonio Marshall’s but I just hate the options for the jerseys.

    I have started a petition for this because this really needs to be added. Please sign and help me and the whole community out.

  19. 1) put in the coaching carousel with offensive and defensive coaches even if they are fake names for cordinaters with a coaching ability tree to give your coaches certain strengths and weaknesses like I believe it was NCAA football 14 did. 2) redo contracts so I can have a front heavy ,rear heavy,ora balanced contract. And we need compensation picks for not resigned players.3) we need a trophy room for each team and playoff statistics.4) home field advantage period it needs to be in the game these 4 things would be huge to franchise mode

  20. a true coaches mode , smarter trade and free agent mode , maybe the ability to start in like 1980 and work your way to 2020 , give us something different your better then that

  21. Madden NEEDS a new physics game engine. I speak for everyone when I say we are sick and tired of the animation based tackling system. I see the same tackling animations 15 times or more in a game and its annoying af. Its 2020 and backbreaker had a better physics engine 10 years ago so its inexcusable for madden to continue to spit in the face of its consumers with a copy and paste game year after year. And presentation is horrible, no wonder everyone skips halftime show. NFL2k5 15 YEARS ago made halftime show something even to this day that is way more impressive and entertaining to watch than anything madden has ever made. If changes are not made then eventually the masses will stop buying madden at a larger scale each year than it is now, slowly but surely. Regardless the technology is there, so f*** give us what we want, we pay for it.

  22. Make franchise more realistic, eith things like diffrent mock-drafts, more lateround-gems more/better news in the game and players that arent playets (like rookie backup-QBs) develop even if they arent playing much. Also please adapt the real-life value of draft-picks and players.

    1. I only ask for one thing. And it would be cool to change it up, i would love to see the cat that ran onto the field during the giants cowboys game on the front cover. It would be interesting, funny, and unique.

  23. Well I liked madden this year it was better but it did feel rushed especially the QB 1 still can’t creat a team from scratch or a play book. Need to update neck pad options instead of just the 70s version Need to add different visers too. The commentary on the game is better but still can’t say created players names and they still repeat them self’s and there also inaccurate sometimes on the field still no actual sideline person the whole half time show is boring as well. I would like to see face of the franchise take more of a sports RPG style rather then a franchise with a player lock style.

    1. Madden NFL 20 should be the last game because ea sports and ea games are garbage,so,this Madden NFL 21 wishlist is worthless and has no reason for next gen console because all ea has done is scam you and focus on damn mutt because Madden 21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40 are all worthless

  24. Put tattoos relistact injury’s make it say first name and last name. Madden legends back but keep NFC and AFC. Cover should be Josh Jacobs Dak Prescott tyreek hill Lamar Jackson or Earl Thomas. Add all college teams make us be able to walk around on qb1

    1. I think they need to come up with a different game other then freaking MAdden nfl and Sports Games,my opinion because the last three Madden NFL games wasn’t even worth sh*** because the last three Madden NFL games where garbage,please shut this freaking Madden NFL 21 wishlist down because all Madden NFL had to freaking copy and paste and freaking add micro transactions in the stupid game,so,no Madden NFL 21 for me because the sh*** is nothing but garbage each f*** year

    1. The only option for madden nfl 21 cover only includes not a freaking new England Patriots because the new England Patriots already been on the cover of 17 and 18 and 21 won’t goddamn be that,so,the choices are leveon bell,Todd gurley II,t.j watt and j.j watt or Ben Roethlisberger or sam darold

  25. Madden 21 should be more realistic and it should keep getting realistic as they make new madden’s. There should be an unsportsmanlike flag in the game. They should change the commentators to Al Micheals, and Joe buck. They should say realistic things too not just the same things over. That would be the most fire madden in my opinion.

  26. Uh,madden nfl definitely needs replaced with something else other then sports games corrupting the system,think of something else other then Madden NFL 21 because why bother,the last three Madden NFL games where bad with the dreadful horrible gameplay with the frostbite engine.the top five games belong on this list and the top worst games are listed below. best of duty black ops 4. 2.halo 5. 3.gears 5. 4.sonic team racing 5.sonic forces. worst games are. 1.madden nfl 20. 2.madden nfl 19. 3.madden nfl 18. 4.madden nfl 17 5.madden nfl 15 the number 1 games of all time list are gta v. sonic adventure 2 battle. shadow the hedgehog. sonic heroes. gta 4. call of duty black ops 1 thru 4. battlefield 1,2,3,4 5. dead space 1,2 and 3. residence fall of man residence 2 and 3. and the mysterious game i like is condemned 1&2

  27. I want to see you start in high school and play your way up to nfl like 4games high school 6games college and then your normal nfl season. And a full team creator like name and uniforms.

    1. Madden nfl needs to alot easier because it’s not easy enough,madden nfl 21 needs to improve the commentary and like the win-loose record should underneath the teams logo,but the overall rating can get worst if you don’t get a good enough quarterback and you’re NFL team falls apart sometimes because the team overall rating is a huge factor,when Tom Brady retires the new England Patriots team overall drops down,the Pittsburgh Steelers team overall won’t be good in Madden NFL 20 after the 2019 season is over,i think Ben Roethlisberger needs to retired because he gets hurt alot,a career ending injury he might get if ben roethlisberger plays,i think the Pittsburgh Steelers need to replace ben roethlisberger if this new unknown 3rd string quarterback

    2. Hey dummy,you got a developed yourself in grade school then work yourself up to high school then college then the nfl combine then the nfl draft then who ever chooses you in the draft and buy a house,buy a car,sign peoples autographs,helmets,footballs,jerseys and cleats and interviews after postgame and tv interviews during the offseason,buy food for the whole football team after each game.

  28. Get drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in qb1 to be the next ben Roethlisberger and get drafted by new England Patriots to be the next Tom Brady,the future is bright
    They don’t make football games easy enough,why buy

    They need to make football games alot easier because they’re easy enough or simple because i’m about to quit buying sports because they’re freaking unplayable

    Football games are becoming a problem because they’re too hard and football games make me break my f*** tv,all f*** sports,am i in the mood for Madden NFL 21? No

    Um,i know we don’t have a win-loose predictions in Madden NFL because we sort of don’t have a Superbowl predictions table or a predictions like win-loose durning season games,oh underneath the teams logo in the beginning of football games should be the win-lose record

  29. 1. Give us the option to choose turf/grass as the owner when relocating or renovating the entire stadium.
    2. In franchise or the next iteration of qb1 let us buy houses, cars, furniture, tattoos or get wives/girlfriends, have kids or adopt, friends asking for money, choose who our agent is, start parties, buy dinner for the team, or sign contracts, autographs, and gear deals.
    Getting all of the suggestions would make franchise mode/ qb1 fun again.

  30. Madden nfl isn’t what it use to be,the game a lie every year it’s copy & paste because it’s the same crap every year because the new nfl and the freaking new England Patriots been to the superbowl three times in a row and Tom Brady still kicks everyone’s ass because the goddamn new England Patriots win the freaking Superbowl every year because of freaking Madden NFL and the freaking damn the new England Patriots are going to the superbowl for the fourth time in a row and i’m freaking tired of new England Patriots winning the superbowl and there’s no respect for the Pittsburgh Steelers because Madden NFL a freaking scam for the freaking new England Patriots to win the superbowl,don’t freaking buy Madden NFL any because there is no 2020 Pittsburgh Steelers,never will happen because the freaking new England Patriots are freaking going to superbowl for the rest three years because Madden NFL is just a freaking scandal game by f*** ea sports voted by the worst company,

  31. In no specific order because all of this needs to be implemented into this hollow franchise.

    1. Coaching carousel (HC, OC, DC, STC)
    2. Stat tracking (check out individual players stats from previous teams/seasons)
    3. Better and more immersive scouting AND draft! (AI trying to trade up or down in draft according to their needs as well)
    4. Improved blocking in general.
    5. Improved custumization (stadiums, players, teams)
    6. Immersive off the field menues (league news, team news, realistic contracts, holdouts etc.)

  32. Make a college team mode where you can play as a college team
    And your on create team and jerseys and football field almost like nhl creation zone

  33. 1. Bring back cpu vs cpu in franchise mode
    2. Allow custom teams a la NCAA 14
    3. Allow for more than 32 teams in franchise mod4. More depth in created stadiums
    4. Bring back classic stadiums as options for created teams
    5. Allow import of NCAA 14 senior draft class
    6. Make playable on PS3

  34. Make madden NFL 21 like the 2k version. For like the face of the franchise instead of just a QB you can be any position on the field, offense or defense. You should make your player walk around like 2k and you could put in 7 on 7 to test your players athleticism against other players. Also for the position your in you could have a mentor to help you become great at your position. For example if your a rookie receiver for the falcons, your mentor could be Julio Jones or if your a running back for the Cowboys or Raiders you can have a mentor like Emmit Smith or Marshawn Lynch to help you become a great athlete.

  35. Make madden my player like 2k an you can play any position on the field offense or defense. an put long shot story also back on madden that would be wonderful

    1. Make Madden 21story mode similar to how NBA 2k is . Bring back the actual NFL draft and make it how it used to be where the analyst are predicting where you land and bring back the college dorm rooms and all that stuff from madden 06 07 and 08 and don’t make it to where you can only be a QB make it to where you can be any position and make coach mode actual coach mode where you can also be the DC OC or HC bring back create a play and make the story mode similar to NBA 2k where they have all different types of modes you can do. At least take steps towards all of this

  36. for accessories i say add in the high scrunch’s socks and team sock height level like how Patrick Mahomes wears it and the sock style odell wears and so many others.. i say add a padded arm sleeve, colored visors, towel and hand warmer placement and for uniform style i say higher game pants like how they wear them above there knees.

  37. Bring back an improve version of truestep and real physics! It actually felt like real running, probably the best running mechanics Madden has ever had

  38. Make It were you can be DC OC AN HC also make them customizable

    Offensive Coordinator
    Defensive Coordinator
    Head Coach

    Full superstar mode

    1. I agree, have a full staff choice in CFM, let retired players become coaches and get more in depth with coaching staffs.

    2. Franchise . Spice the game up gave us assistance coaches a longer franchise gave us expansion mode create a team create stadiums all team uniforms home and away. Plus old stadiums able to edit relocation team uniforms. Be able to had a expansion team at any time in your franchise.Better player models and lots more faces.

  39. Make franchise Mode as a head coach as in-depth as NFL Head Coach 09. Add more options for coach personalities, Coach levels and skills. Add the ability create plays and have playbook knowledge be part of the game as players. Or at least take steps toward that direction. Franchise mode has taken a lot of steps back. 2k has made improved on it’s association mode with the MyGM mode and they already have two other thriving game modes. There’s no reason why EA can’t give us a better, more complete product.

    1. Ea sports is a liar,they’re ones that should be in real trouble because of gambling loot boxes,i’m doubting Madden NFL will be on PlayStation 5 which may not be called PlayStation 5 or ps5,i’m doubting Madden NFL 21 will be on next gen consoles because the previous Madden NFL games was trash out of garbage,copy and paste all it is a updated roster every year,Madden NFL Sucks,i don’t think Madden NFL 21 will next gen exclusive because with madden nfl 20 getting bad reviews because Madden NFL 20 is garbage with frostbite engine,so,i would say Madden NFL 21 ps5 not going to happen

    2. Basically remake Madden 08. Make the game feel more personal. Add more to the college experiance. Add Rock and other genres for the music. More awesome super bowl presentations. News section just has to be way better. It’s complete trash in Madden 20. Madden 20 itself is just awful. So y’all need to throw this blue print of Madden away, and start new. Add classic teams in Exhibition mode like ’99 Titans.

  40. Madden NFL is garbage,madden nfl series need boycotted,why the f*** Madden NFL 21 because all the previous Madden NFL games get worst with frostbite and a g** cover athlete,madden nfl hasn’t been like the old madden nfl games and 18,19 and 20 are garbage,Do we really want a f*** Madden NFL 21 by f*** ea sports because the game has been dead since Madden NFL 2007.

  41. Make franchise 10 years long and develop story line player holdouts contract discussions whole 9 yards better scouting and draft

    1. Madden NFL 20 has the worst franchise which is bare bones lazy,backbreaker did better because it was pure analog stick passing on backbreaker

    2. I think that madden 21 should have Julian Edelman on the cover. He was the super bowl LIII mvp and is a really great player. Plz

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