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Madden NFL 20

Got any ideas to improve the next version of EA Sports Madden NFL video-game? What would you suggest to EA Sports to add to the game to make Madden NFL 2020 a better football simulation game?

Put down your suggestions, ideas and wishlist for upcoming Madden NFL 20 game here. We will be listing your wish list here and will try to send it to the developers at Electronic Arts.

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3 thoughts on “Madden NFL 20 – Wishlist

  1. I would love to see an expansion draft. Maybe put 1 new team in each division. You could use the relocation process if you want, atleast at first. Of course you could make a new one. Maybe put in all the emblems from past maddens. If you do, your going to need city ideas. So here we go.

    CFL cities. Why not. There is already a team there in another league. Sounds great to me. They already use Toranto.
    1- Montreal
    2- Ottawa
    3- Vancouver
    4- Calgary
    5- Edmonton
    6- Winnipeg
    7- Regina, home of the Saskatchewan Rough Riders

    Then there’s the old NFL Europe teams. They already use the London Monarchs anyway. Playing in Germany teams played in
    1- Berlin
    2- Cologne
    3- Frankfurt
    4- Hamburg
    5- Dusseldorf, home of the Rhein Fire
    Sounds like a market to me. Other teams were located in-
    6- Amsterdam, Netherlands
    7- Barcelona, Spain
    Then there is the Scottish Claymores who played in both Edinburgh, Scotland and Glasgow, Scotland.

    Other European cities could be, listed by largest in Europe
    1- Moscow, Russia (2nd)
    2- Saint Petersburg, Russia (4th)
    3- Madrid, Spain (5th)
    4- Rome, Italy (8th)
    5- Paris, France (9th)
    Some people will say ‘I just don’t see a football team there’ and I get it. I left Istanbul, Turkey (1st) off the list for the same reason. In the end, it’s just a game, not real life, and it would be fun to play in more European cities.

    Now I’ll just stay home for this one. In the USA. It would be nice to put a 2nd team in every NFL city that only has 1 team. You could let them chose or build a new stadium, or share the stadium with the current team. Maybe pay a lease. The Jets and the Giants already do it, so why not. Then there are other cities of course.
    1- Anchorage, Alaska …SNOW GAMES!!!…
    2- Birmingham, Alabama
    3- Phoenix, Arizona
    4- Tucson, Arizona
    5- Honolulu, Hawaii
    6- Newark, New Jersey
    7- Raleigh, NC
    8- Fort Worth, Texas
    9- Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    10- Sacramento, Calif
    11- Anaheim, Calif
    12- San Jose, Calif
    What are they going to do with Oakland in the post Raiders era?

    These are just some ideas. I hope that you liked them.

  2. Create a play is simple, at the formation the assignments, that the name. Create a Playbook basically you start from scratch. Start by picking so many goal line plays, then open the rest of so plays up. To me, creating a custom formation and the plays to go with it should be basic as well. place the players in place in a grid type environment according to current rules. After that the creative play thing comes into play. You can start by putting in a cut and paste system where you simply pick another play out of another formation and it copies that way and paste it on your created formation then all you’re doing is telling what player to do what assignment. Put in the ability to edit them plays and you about got it. Of course, things like custom route, custom Zone locations, and a few other choice custom assignments like the ability to spy anyone in the back field. I think this would go a long way Ford stopping people from complaining about money plays.

  3. Make it where on superstar mode where if you’re any position and you mess up a play for a drive make it were the coach shows you the tablet and when he asks if you what did you do wrong and you get the question wrong you have to do extra practices and stay on the bench until you get it. If you get the question right you don’t have to do anything but you will sit out a quarter

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