Playdead's INSIDE is a critically regarded puzzle-platformer game. INSIDE is a unique and immersive gaming experience known for its ambient storytelling, eerie visuals, and hard puzzles. We've put together a thorough guide full of tips and tricks to help you explore the intriguing world of INSIDE. This guide will present you with essential ideas and methods to beat INSIDE, whether you are a novice or a seasoned player.

Embrace Observation and Exploration

Take your time to attentively observe your surroundings. The universe of INSIDE is full with subtle hints and hidden passageways. Press buttons, pull levers, and push items to interact with the world. Experimentation frequently leads to advancement. Keep a look out for hidden trinkets and secrets. They offer context to the plot and access new content.

Master Platforming Mechanics

In platforming parts, timing and precision are critical. To conquer difficult hurdles, be patient and practise your jumps. Take note of your character's animations. They can give indications about the next action or alert you to prospective threats. Make the most of your surroundings. Look for ledges, ropes, and other items that will assist you in reaching higher places.

Controls and buttons in INSIDE game are very simple, go through them and get familiar with them.

Solve Puzzles

Approach puzzles with a logical mindset. Analyze the elements available to you and consider how they can be combined or used to progress. Use trial and error to test different solutions. Some puzzles require experimentation and exploration to find the correct sequence of actions. If you get stuck, take a break and approach the puzzle with fresh eyes. Sometimes, a new perspective can lead to a breakthrough.

Survive Stealth Sequences

In stealth sections, stay hidden and avoid detection by enemies or security systems. Move silently, crouch behind objects, and use shadows to your advantage. Study enemy behavior patterns. Time your movements to avoid their line of sight and make your way past them undetected. If you are spotted, be prepared to run and dodge. Quick reflexes can save you from perilous encounters.

Maintain your focus on the Narrative

The story of INSIDE is told through environmental signals and small nuances. To put together the narrative, pay attention to the background, sounds, and character interactions. Take the time to investigate alternate routes and return spots. Frequently, you'll come across fresh story aspects that expand your comprehension of the game's environment. Avoid spoilers and engage in discussions with other players to share your views and theories about the deeper meaning of the game.

Experiment with Alternative Endings

INSIDE features multiple endings, adding replayability and depth to the overall experience. Consider revisiting the game to uncover different outcomes. Experiment with different choices and actions throughout the game. Certain decisions may have a significant impact on the ending you achieve. Don't be afraid to take risks and explore unorthodox paths. Sometimes, the most unexpected choices lead to the most intriguing conclusions.

INSIDE Gameplay

Utilize Sound Cues

INSIDE relies heavily on sound. Keep an ear out for ambient noises, distant voices, or mechanical sounds, as they can reveal hints about impending hurdles or puzzle solutions. To fully immerse yourself in the game's auditory experience and improve your ability to recognise critical cues, use headphones or play in a quiet setting.

Experiment with Physics

The physics engine in INSIDE allows for fascinating interactions with items and the environment. Push, pull, or move things in unexpected ways to build new paths or solve riddles. Examine how items respond to your activities. Their behaviour may reveal how they can be exploited to overcome obstacles or activate systems.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Lighting is used cleverly in INSIDE to guide the player and highlight important areas. Follow the direction of light sources to navigate through dark environments or identify hidden paths. Shadows can also be used strategically during stealth sequences to hide from enemies or avoid detection. Stay within shadows whenever possible to increase your chances of remaining undetected.

You now have vital tips and tactics to excel in INSIDE thanks to our detailed tutorial. Remember to practise your platforming abilities, solve puzzles logically, negotiate stealth sequences with caution, pay attention to the narrative, and experiment with different endings. By fully immersing yourself in the evocative environment of INSIDE, you will discover its secrets and fully enjoy the game.


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