Injustice 2 Mobile – Controls

Injustice 2 Controls

Injustice 2 control guide and move list for iOS and Android. Injustice 2 is a fighting video game set in the DC Universe that was released in 2017. NetherRealm Studios created it, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment published it.

Basic Moves

Action Instruction
Jab Attack Tap 3X to perform a jab combo
Jump Attack Swipe up to jump and perform an attack - Also used to avoid ranged attack
Crouch Attack Swipe down to perform an unblockable low attack
Rush Attack Swipe right to rush toward opponent and perform an attack
Evade Swipe left to escape hazards or avoid attacks
Ranged Attack Tap the screen during evade to fire a projectile

Advanced Moves

Action Instruction
Tag-In Tap Hero tiles to tag in teammates - Attack is performed on tag-in
Block Hold block tile to reduce incoming damage - Alternatively, hold 2 fingers on screen
Hero Abilities Tap Ability icon - Hero Abilities consume power, power is shared across your team
Combo Meter Hit opponent to increase combo meter - Combos grant bonus damage to Abilities
Supermoves Tap Supermove icon - Consumes a full Power Bar - Can be used by each hero once per battle

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