Hitman – Controls

Hitman Controls

The complete controls guide and information for Hitman on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. These controls guide is for gamepad controllers.

Hitman Controls (Moves and Buttons)

Action PlayStation 4 Xbox One / PC
Move LLS
Move Camera RRS
Camera Shoulder Press L (L3)Press LS
Crouch / Stand Up Press R (R3)Press RS
Run Hold L1LB
Aim Hold L2Hold LT
Interact Y
Pick Up Hold △Hold Y
Agility Actions XA
Melee X
Use Item Hold ▢Hold X
Take Cover / Drop Body B
Drag Body Hold ◯Hold B
Take Disguise Hold XHold A
Shoot / Throw R2RT
Reload R1RB
Instinct Hold R1Hold RB
Holster / Unholster D-Pad UpD-Pad Up
Drop Item D-Pad DownD-Pad Down
Place Item Hold L1 + L2Hold LB + LT
Inventory D-Pad LeftD-Pad Left
Menu OptionsStart
Notebook Touch PadBack


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