How to Access FIFA 21 Players Data on the Web

FIFA 21 players database

Accessing FIFA 21 player cards and stats is nowadays crucial for FIFA users, especially for those who play FUT mode.

Normally, in order to access to FIFA players data and info, you will need to login into FIFA game on your PC or console machine. But in fact, it is possible to view FIFA 21 player cards without running the FIFA game. Here are the way you can do this.


EA Sports provides two types of app for its FIFA fans in order to manage their FUT club without using their PC or console machines. FUT app is available as FUT Web App on the web, as well as on mobile app.

FIFA 21 Companion app and FIFA 21 Web App are available for free, but you need to have an origin account and a created club in FUT 21. FUT app provides the full access to the actual game's and FIFA 21 transfer Market and gives you features such as opening packs, viewing your objectives etc.

FIFA 21 Database Websites

There is a few FIFA community website that provide FIFA 21 players database. Websites such as FUTHEAD, FIFPLAY and FUTBIN have the latest and live player cards of FIFA game on their servers and give you the possibility to search and filter your search results to view the cards.

By using these FIFA community websites, you are not required to have any Original or EA account, neither having a FUT club.

Unfortunately, the above FIFA communities do not have download feature for those who want to download the whole FIFA players database.


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