Hitman 2 – Controls

Hitman 2 Controls

Hitman 2 control guide and layout for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC controllers. Here you can find all move list and buttons for Hitman 2 video-game.

Hitman 2 Controls (Buttons and Moves)

Action PlayStation 4 Xbox One / PC
Move LLS
Move Camera RRS
Camera Shoulder Press L (L3)Press LS
Crouch / Stand Up Press R (R3)Press RS
Run Hold L1LB
Aim Hold L2Hold LT
Interact Y
Pick Up Hold △Hold Y
Agility Actions XA
Melee X
Use Item Hold ▢Hold X
Take Cover / Drop Body B
Drag Body Hold ◯Hold B
Take Disguise Hold XHold A
Shoot / Throw R2RT
Reload R1RB
Instinct Hold R1Hold RB
Holster / Unholster D-Pad UpD-Pad Up
Drop Item D-Pad DownD-Pad Down
Place Item Hold L1 + L2Hold LB + LT
Inventory D-Pad LeftD-Pad Left
Menu OptionsStart
Notebook Touch PadBack

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    1. How or where can I get print of PS4 controller for hitman2, so can see exactly how things work, also can you hold breath when aiming regards John.

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