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How would you improve the next version of Grand Theft Auto, GTA 6 video-game? What features would you suggest to Rockstar Games developers to add to the game to make GTA 6 a better game?

Write your suggestions, ideas and wishlist for upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 game here. We will be listing your wish list here and will try to send it to the developers at Rockstar Games.

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15 thoughts on “GTA 6 – Wishlist

  1. The physics of the game should be like GTA IV, even better! We need a story that is as beautiful as GTA SANANDRESS, and we need graphics like GTA V and even better.

    1. Hell nah, it would suck in an european environment. GTA is for an north american environment. And it’s too late, the gane will take place in Florida and southern USA.

      Bro seriously you really want to have an heist and gangsta game is newcastle or somewhere in england. you gotta be trippin’. All great crime stories and movies are in USA

  2. I would wish it had the real world map with major cities and also to have people to move from one continent and country to another for example come to Nairobi best city in East and central Africa. Also missions should not only be for revenge and bitterness but also maybe for someone to be a politician.

  3. More missions specifically money missions, buy and sell properties on story mode not just online police missions,fire missions and ambulance missions,starting with a maximum amount of money each deadlier weapons like having an axe and mabe a chainsaw when people get shot they should be straight down by having deadlier weapons and more shops and buildings to go into and have everything all the good stuff on single player story mode not just online money greed and have properties you can buy and sell all over the gta world map not almost in the one area.(Please Make These Suggestions Happen)

  4. I think they should put kids and adults into it because in the real world there isn’t just adults there’s kids as well and there should be 2 male avatars and 2 female avatars and more money missions and I even reckon you should be able to break into shops people’s houses banks and other types of buildings and if it’s a tall building you should be able to go into the whole place not just the bottom.(Please agree to all of these Suggestions)

  5. Different countries to do stuff. Gta online character has a voice. Some better up to date clothes. Quicker loading screens. Don’t want these people on flying on bikes killing me all the time, I still want the flying bikes and stuff like that but it’s quite annoying when I step outside and get killed over and over again when I’m minding my business.

  6. I want gta online there and I want those cars to be real like Lamborghini and all real cars to be in gta 6 I want gta 6 online to be free i want new guns and I want all cars and helicopter and oppressor mike jet cars to be there and not expensive

    1. I want them to add a bigger map like world map like earth and shows the the way you are going even in the map I want locations and San Andreas and liberty city and vice city to be there

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