FIFA 20 Carryover Information

Carryover Transfer information and guide for FIFA 20

You are able to carryover some of your items and data from FIFA 19 to FIFA 20. Here you can see the list of the items that you are and are not able to carry over from FUT 19 to FUT 20.

After celebrating the FUTTIES in FIFA 19 as the final FUT event in FIFA, you will definitely consider how to transfer all of your saved and gained items and data in FIFA 19 to the latest version of the game, FIFA 20.

Take note that the carryover is only possible when you play the new FIFA game using the same console account on the same console platform.

There is a good and a bad news. The good news is that you can transfer some of your items to FIFA 20, while the bad one is that you cannot transfer some other including your coins! Unfortunately, EA Sports won't allow you to carryover your FIFA coins from the old version of FIFA to the new one.

Items you CAN Carryover

Below is the list of items that you CAN transfer from FIFA 19 to FIFA 20:

  • FUT Club Profile
  • XP
  • FCC
  • FIFA Points

Items you CANNOT Carryover

But, here is the list of items that you CANNOT transfer from FIFA 19 to 20:

  • FIFA Coins
  • Items & Cards
  • Unassigned Items
  • Match Records & History
  • FUT Club Data and Records
  • Your Progress and Division Levels
  • Achievements & Trphies
  • Career Mode Progress

To learn more on FIF 20 Carry over, there is a very good guide for FIFA 20 Carryover at FIFPlay. Go there and read it to understand the carryover and transfer rules in FIFA video-game.

To carryover and transfer your items and data from FIFA 19 to FIFA 20, just start the FIFA 20 game on your computer/console. Then the system will ask you for the carrying over the items such as FIFA Points etc.


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