FIFA Mobile Football Freeze Update

Football Freeze

FIFA Mobile users can now update their app to get the Christmas special update for FIFA Mobile game known as the Football Freeze.

Football Freeze is available through the Holidays and offer the gifts and events such as:

Holiday Special Gifts

After you complete Football Freeze Live Events you will be earned one of 26 special Frozen Gifts which are a mystery and unlocks on a specific date. There will be also other opportunities to get Frozen Gift Tokens, including completing certain Plans or earning them in specially marked Packs.

Special Events and Plans

Known as Flash Freeze Events and Plans - During this Football Freeze event, you get opportunities to unlock a series of Elite Players. You can find Silver, Gold, and other Elite Football Freeze Players in specially marked Packs or by completing specific Plans.

Special Flash Freeze Players

You can unlock up to five 93 (OVR) Flash Freeze Limited Edition Players, each player requires a set amount of "Snowball" and "Snowflake Tokens", and a set number of Silver, Gold, and Elite Football Freeze Player Items. Each plan is only available for a very limited time.

Frozen-Star Players

EA has created 97 (OVRs) cards of its FIFA Ambassadors, which will be available exclusively in Packs on Christmas Eve and Day. These special Players will be available for short windows of time throughout December 24th and 25th.

Cold-Footed Players

A series of 88 (OVR) Elite Player items to get. These players are found in Packs and special Cold-Footed Player Plan, that upon completion will give you one of these special players. Cold-Footed Players can then be boosted from their original 88-OVR to 92-OVRs by completing their specific Plans.

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