FIFA 20 Beta – Guide and Information

FIFA 20 Closed Beta

FIFA 20 Beta version is predicted to be available in August 2019 for Playstation 4 and Xbox One users. Whether it's an open beta or a closed beta is not confirmed yet, but it is expected that EA release the FIFA 20 beta version to selected users only.

According to FIFPlay, EA will send the invitation from 1st to 10th of August to the beta testers. FIFA 20 Beta version probably will have three game modes: Kick-off, FUT and Career Mode - Unless EA adds a brand new feature or game mode to the game.

Here we have a guide for you to increase your chance for getting FIFA 20 closed beta version:

How to Get an Invite for FIFA 20 Beta Version?

Subscribing to EA email newsletter will increase your chance to get invited to testing FIFA 20 beta. To do so, go to this link and select the first box, where it says “EA may email me about EA news, products, events and promotions”, also opt-in for FIFA and EA emails.

According to the FIFA community, EA choose the most active FIFA fans in specific game modes to send the invitations to. Therefore, it could be based on the time they spend on playing the game and their in-game activities such as the level their reach and/or the titles they achieve. For example, some people who were invited to FIFA 19 Online Seasons Beta, were saying that they were playing the game quite a lot and they were staying in DIV 1 for a long time winning the division title almost every time.

Your region could be also important, for example, FIFA 19 Closed Beta invites were sent to the users from the US and the UK only.

We will have more information regarding FIFA 20 beta version as soon as more confirmed information comes out.


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