FIFA 19 Team of the Season Guide


Team of the Season is a selection of teams in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team with the the very best players from the current football campaign (across the Europe and the Rest of the World).

FIFA 19 Team of the Season (TOTS) is expected to be started on May 3, 2019 in FUT. There will be eight squads to be announced as the best squads of the season. It takes about a month to reveal these squads.

TOTS event will also have other features such as special SBCs, daily and weekly objective and special FIFA 19 packs offer.

Below is the list of FIFA 19 TOTS squads and their expected release dates:

  • Ultimate Squad - May 31, 2019
  • Calcio A - May 24
  • Ligue 1 France - May 24
  • Bundesliga - May 17
  • La Liga Spain - May 10
  • Premier League - May 3
  • English Football League - May 26
  • Community Squads - May 26

This page will be updated with the latest TOTS information once it's approved by EA Sports.


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