FIFA 20 – The Best Packs

FIFA 20 Best Packs

One of the most thrilling aspects of FIFA 20 is the opening of the packs. Packs give your FUT 20 team a boost by giving you player cards and accessories. FIFA 20 packs can be purchased or earned as a reward. In FIFA 20, you can acquire rare commodities such as inform player cards by opening packets, which you can use to enhance your club or increase your budget.

A pack is literally a group of items in the FIFA Ultimate Team which can contain consumables, players, managers, club items, contracts and etc. or a combination of them that can be used for your club in the Ultimate Team game mode.

FIFA 20 users spend a few trillion coins every day to buy and open FIFA 20 packs. The packs containing player cards are the most favourite ones in the game. According to FIFPlay FIFA 20 pack database's statistics and reports by EA Sports, the below list is showing the most favourite and popular packs among the FIFA 20 users.

Rank Pack Value Players (Possibility)
1 Rare Players Pack 50K Coins / 1K Points 12
2 Mega Pack 35K Coins / 700 Points 4-8
3 Prime Gold Players Pack 45K Coins / 600 Points 12
4 Jumbo Rare Players Pack 100K Coins / 2K Points 24
5 Rare Mega Pack 55K Coins / 1.1K Points 4-16
6 Prime Mixed Players Pack Reward Pack 12
7 Premium Gold Players Pack 25K Coins / 350 Points 12
8 Electrum Players Pack Reward Pack 12
9 Ultimate Pack 125K Coins / 2.5K Points 4-12
10 All Players Pack Reward pack 12

This stats report is based on the number of the packs opened and reviewed by FIFA community.

As you can see, players packs are more popular. Having rare and inform players make these packs more attractive. Some of these packs can be earned as reward in FIFA 20. Usually, when there is an event or an pack offer from EA, the sale rates of above packs will go up.


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