How to Gain More XP and Level Up Quickly in FC Mobile

EA Sports FC Free XP

If you want to gain XP and advance quickly in EA Sport FC Mobile, you have come to the perfect place. XP is the key to unlocking various features in the game and raising your account level. A higher level in EA Sports FC Mobile unlocks a wealth of intriguing in-game components, making XP accumulation critical, particularly for novices or those starting a new season.

Many aspects of the game, such as the Market and other strategic formations, are inaccessible until your account reaches a certain level. To help you on your way, here are some techniques to maximize your XP gains and speed up your leveling in FC Mobile.

Play Skill Games and Matches

Every Skill Game or Match completed earns XP. Participating in a variety of skill games and competitions is critical for quickly raising your level. These chances are abundant in both daily events like Daily Training and League Tour, as well as recurring seasonal tournaments.

Play Division Rivals

XP is also awarded for victories and draws against Division Rivals. Prolific participation in Division Rivals VS Attack, Head to Head, or Manager Mode matches dramatically increases your level growth.

Accomplish Daily Quests

The game features Daily Quests that refresh on a daily basis. Meeting the objectives outlined in these quests not only fetches rewards but also contributes to your XP count. Consistently completing these quests ensures a steady accumulation of XP, hastening your level advancement.

Embrace the Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode, typically available during seasonal events from Friday to Sunday, offers additional opportunities to amass XP. By conquering Skill Games, AI Matches, or PvP Matches within Challenge Mode, you can further boost your XP reserves.

Use the Forfeit Tactic

Using a forfeit method is a more unorthodox approach. While it takes some talent, this strategy includes carefully using the Forfeit button before the end of a skill game or competition.

Despite the fact that the match is incomplete due to forfeiture, the game frequently awards XP. Replicating this strategy leads in a steady increase in XP. It is crucial to note, however, that not all skill games or matches lend themselves to this strategy. Furthermore, upgrades or patches may change the efficacy of this method, making it less effective.

To achieve the best outcomes, properly evaluate each new skill game or match released in recent events, assessing its compatibility with the forfeit method. These tips include five efficient methods for gaining more XP and accelerating your progress in leveling up in FC Mobile football game.


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