FC 24 – Leagues Fans Want to See in the Game

FC 24 Leagues

EA Sports is well-known for developing some of the world's most realistic and popular football games. Fans eagerly await the release of FC 24, the next iteration of the Football series. EA Sports strives to introduce new and exciting features with each new edition to keep the game fresh and exciting. The addition of new leagues from around the world is one such feature.

FIFPlay recently held a series of polls in which fans were asked to vote for the leagues they would like to see included in FC 24 (FC 24 Leagues Vote). The poll results provide a good indication of what fans want to see in the upcoming game. Based on the polls, here are some of the leagues that EA should consider adding to FC 24.

The UAE Pro League is first on the list. The league's popularity has grown over time, attracting big-name players from all over the world. It would make sense for EA to include the UAE League in FC 24 given its growing fan base.

The Egyptian Premier League is another league that fans have voted for. The league has a long history and has produced some of Africa's best players. FC 24 would have a stronger presence in Africa, where football is a hugely popular sport, if the Egyptian Premier League was included.

The Greek Super League has also received votes from fans. The league has a large fan base, which creates an electric atmosphere in the stadiums. The addition of the Greek Super League would inject new life into FC 24.

The Moroccan Botola Pro is another league that should be considered for inclusion in FC 24. Morocco has a long and rich football history, and the country's national team has steadily risen in the rankings in recent years. Morocco has reached the fourth place in the 2022 World Cup, but their performances demonstrated that they are a force to be reckoned with. With the inclusion of the Moroccan Botola Pro in FC 24, EA Sports may be able to capitalise on the growing popularity of football in North Africa and attract new fans.

FIFPlay polls have traditionally played an important role in shaping the direction of the FIFA series. For example, the inclusion of the Turkish Super Lig and the Saudi Professional League in FIFA 21 was a direct result of fan voting on FIFPlay. The Turkish Super Lig was the most popular league in the FIFPlay poll, and EA Sports responded by including it in the game.

The Saudi Professional League received the second-most votes in the poll, and EA Sports included it in FIFA 21. This demonstrates that EA Sports is listening to its fans and considering their feedback when deciding which leagues to include in the game.

The addition of these leagues to FC 24 would not only add more diversity to the game, but would also help EA Sports reach a larger audience. These leagues, with their passionate supporters and exciting football, have the potential to add a new degree of authenticity and immersion to the game. It remains to be seen whether EA Sports will add these leagues to FC 24, but it is obvious that fan feedback cannot be ignored. As the EA Sports football game series evolves and grows, EA Sports must continue to respond to its fans and provide them with the best football gaming experience possible.

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