EA Sports FC 24 Team of the Group Stage – Guide

FC 24 Team of the Group Stage

EA Sports confirmed the highly anticipated FC 24 Team of the Group Stage (TOTGS) promo event. This exciting event features the best-performing players from the FC 24 tournament's group stage, giving EA Sports FC fans the opportunity to bolster their teams with virtual copies of real-world football maestros.

The TOTGS promo event is a celebration of football excellence, featuring the UEFA Champions League star-studded lineup of players who have shone brightly during the intense group stage battles. From clinical strikers to commanding defenders and midfield maestros, the TOTGS brings the best of the best to the virtual pitch.

TOTGS Players

The upgraded player ratings are one of the centrepieces of the TOTGS promotional event. The selected players earn in-game attribute boosts in recognition of their great performance in the group stage. This not only adds realism to the virtual experience, but also presents additional strategic considerations for squad formation.

Special SBCs

To further engage the EA FC community, the TOTGS promo event introduces Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). These challenges encourage players to complete specific tasks and submit squads to unlock exclusive TOTGS player cards. The SBCs add an element of creativity and strategy, requiring participants to think strategically about their squad compositions.

Pack Openings

The thrill of opening packs to reveal TOTGS participants is a key component of the promotional event. The dynamic pack animations and the possibility of obtaining a coveted TOTGS card add an element of surprise and excitement to the FC gaming experience.

Limited-Time Availability

The excitement surrounding the TOTGS promo event is heightened by its limited-time availability. Players featured in this event are only accessible for a short period, creating a sense of urgency among FC 24 enthusiasts to secure these high-performing players for their ultimate teams.


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