Dreadnought – Controls

Devil May Cry 5 Controls

Dreadnought control guide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC controllers. Here you can find all move list and button layout for Dreadnought video-game.

Dreadnought Controls (Moves and Buttons)

Action PlayStation 4 Xbox One / PC
Movement L L
Module 3 B
Module 1 X
Module 4 X A
Module 2 Y
Menu Options Menu Button
Descend L1 LB
Zoom L2 LT
Ascend R1 RB
Fire R2 RT
Reload Dpad Up Dpad Up
Swap Weapon Dpad Left Dpad Left
Scoreboard Dpad Down Dpad Down
Swap Weapon Dpad Right Dpad Right
Energy Wheel Swipe Trackpad Swipe Trackpad
Short Command Click and hold then swipe Trackpad Click and hold then swipe Trackpad


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