Dragon Quest Builders 2 – Controls

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Controls

Looking for Dragon Quest Builders 2 controls and buttons? Check out the complete instruction and controls of Dragon Quest Builders 2 (Xbox One and PS4 controllers) here.

Square Enix and Omega Force collaborated on Dragon Quest Builders 2, an action role-playing sandbox game that was published by Square Enix. This game is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC Windows.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Controls

Action PlayStation 4
Move Character L
Move Camera / Change View R
Camera R3
Dash (While Moving) / Ride R1
Use Tool R2
Look Up L1
Look Down L2
Use Item / Place Block
Attack / Rotate Held Item (While using Gloves)
Confirm / Talk / Examine X
Show the Tool Menu X (Press and Hold)
Jump / Cancel
Big Dash (While using Hammer) R2 + △
Bigger Dash (While using Hammer) R2 + ▢
Select Gesture Press and Hold L3 + R3
Perform Gesture R2 (When Gesture is Selected)
Open Inventory D-Pad Up
Put Item in Bag D-Pad Down
Select Item D-Pad Left / Right
Bird's Eyeview / View Blueprint Touchpad
Open MenuOptions

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