Deathverse: Let It Die – Controls

Deathverse Controls

Deathverse: Let It Die controls & buttons cheatsheet for Xbox, Playstation and PC. Deathverse: Let It Die is for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows.

Deathverse: Let It Die Controls

Action PlayStation Xbox / PC
Walk / Move L L
Crouch L3 L3
Camera R R
Camera Reset R3 R3
Dodge Circle B
Jump / Wall Jump X A
Wilson Scan Triangle Y
Interact Square X
Normal Attack R1 RB
Special Attack R2 RT
Activate Wilson L1 LB
Shield L2 LT
Deathblow L1 + R1 LB + RB
Main Skill L1 + Square LB + X
Sub-Skills L1 + Triangel LB + Y
Emote D-Pad Down D-Pad Down
Sub-Menu Options Menu
Status Screen Trackpad Trackpad


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