Death’s Door – Tips

Death's Door Tips

Death's Door may look adorable, but don't be misled by its attractiveness. This is a tough action-adventure with a "souls-like" twist. Here are some pointers to help you traverse the afterlife and become an expert crow.

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Learn Enemy Dances

Every enemy has a unique attack pattern. Observe, dodge, and punish when the opening arises.

Souls Fuel Upgrades

Souls you collect from fallen enemies can be used to upgrade your stats, health, and abilities. Prioritize stats that suit your playstyle. Dexterity is generally a good choice for both offense and defense.

Explore Every Nook and Cranny

The world is full of secrets! Hidden areas often contain valuable items and shortcuts. Keep an eye out for breakable objects that might reveal hidden paths.

Talk to the Locals

The quirky characters you meet can offer hints, lore, and sometimes even side quests. Mind the Map: The map doesn't reveal everything, but it can help you keep track of completed areas and those yet to be explored.

Dodge is Your Friend

There is no blocking in Death's Door, therefore perfecting the dodge roll is essential.

Death's Door Gameplay

Ranged Advantage

Use ranged attacks to soften up foes before moving in for melee attacks. Do not forget that you can parry hostile projectiles.

Utilise Your Upgrades

As you progress, you will unlock new skills such as a grappling hook and a dash attack. Learn how to utilise them strategically to get an advantage.

Adjust the Screen Shake

If the screen wobble during fight is irritating, you can reduce it in the options menu to get a better perspective of the action.

Seek a Balanced Build

While there are various weapon kinds, consider taking a balanced strategy that includes both melee and ranged alternatives.


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