Deadly Days – Controls

Deadly Days Controls

Check out the complete controls guide and the controller scheme for Deadly Days game. Deadly Days is a one-of-a-kind zombie apocalypse strategic rogue-lite. Manage and defend a group of survivors while also assisting them in averting disaster. It is developed by Pixelsplit, Pixelsplit GmbH & Co. KG for Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS systems.

Deadly Days Controls for PlayStation

NEO - The World Ends with You

Action PlayStation Xbox / PC
Camera Pan L L
Camera Zoom R R
Special Power Triangle Y
Heal Circle B
Airstrike Square X
Movement / Looting X A
Return to Bus R1 RB
Shoot at Target R2 RT
Pause L1 LB
Character Selection L2 LT
Select Special Power D-Pad Up/Down D-Pad Up/Down
Menu Options Menu


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