Clash of Clans – Wishlist

Clash of Clans Wishlist

Have you experienced playing Spercell's free MMO strategy game, Clash of Clans? What features do you think this game lacks of?

Here you can post your Clash of Clans suggestions and wishlists. We'll compile a list of your ideas and try to get them to the Clash of Clans devs at Supercell.

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19 thoughts on “Clash of Clans – Wishlist

  1. I would like to have the ability to put dummy defenses and buildings in to the layout editor so I can start working on my new base before the upgrade finishes

  2. Hi wish that the donation proces is changed.
    My idea:
    give Everyone one whole ck donation rack.
    Building one that is asked deletes it from the request list and gives the space back to the donator after it has been delivered.
    Thank u

  3. It would be good to be able to do something with dark elixir in the game. Building walls seems an obvious choice. Esp when you have finished your hero and troops upgrades.

    Alternatively some sort of donation would be helpful. It would be another incentive that would allow top players (who are usually clan leaders) to donate resources to other accounts, or other users. For example, lets say a leader donates 50000 dark elixir to a pool. Then at the end of the month, that is given to the other players who do exceptionally well. At the moment there is not any sort of sufficient grading of players in a clan. There are elders, who can invite and kick players. Then there is coleader. Which is a powerful position. There is nothing in between. Some sort of additional rank would be helpful. Or a discretionary reward system that clan leaders can use.

    Another system to consider is a way to punish players who just clan hop. A downrating system or something of that sort may be helpful. Permanent bans or flagging of players is also good. Some people come in, make abusive comments and then leave. Then they come back. its hard to deal with.

  4. It want a one more builder in builder base.
    Daily login rewards.
    Gem mine in village base.
    Coin to elixer and to dark elixer converter.

  5. The sea next to the village is kind of useless. My suggestion is to have some defenses in the sea when you reach high level town hall like level 10. This could a boat shooting rockets to attackers. To destroy these boats/ships, attackers also need to have a special force or just use airforces like balloons.

  6. Wizard Lvl 7, town hall11, Dragon 5,And Can Show How many gold or Elxir You need For attack and in attacks More than Your need For attack

  7. I recommend a cage trap with which you can put attackers in and turn them into your own troops and use them for your attacks.

  8. You need to revamp the game completely. The graphics and interface are almost same since the begining, I think it the time that supercell does a full revamp And refresh the look and feel. Hope it happens soon.

  9. every village has a sea near it… make it useful! add something like clan castle to each map; let’s name it “clan ship” we can summon troops from the sea with that ship. and then, there could be something to defend the ship ; for example a kind of tower near the sea…
    most important thing for me is that I want to find my friends with their ID and I don’t know in which clan they are. add this kind of search to the game plz.

    most important thing for me is that I want to find my friends with their ID and I don’t know in which clan they are. add this kind of search to the game plz.

  10. -A trap to place your own troops for defence
    -Daily login Reward
    -See who has Donated to your CC
    -Fight Friends in Clan- Call it training where u recieve no loot or trophies.
    -Daily or Weekly Single Player missions – earn gems as most higher lvl use gems to boost Barracks.
    – Ice Trap. Freezes troops for 5-10 Seconds or could slow troops down.
    -A new Hero – Either Valk/ Pekka/ or wiz
    -Upgrade Pekka to lvl 4 at th9
    -Make it so members can’t leave a clan during a war if they are in it.
    -Name clan promotions – Also add privileges to each promotion. So only certain members can accept members. Kick. Donate to war cc ect, maybe add more in that clan co-leaders n leader can do.
    – Donate resources to Clan. Co leaders n Leaders can distribute to loyal members as required.
    – Make wars fair. Donated troops only go to your lvl unless clan lvl 5 with the 1 lvl upgrade.
    -Improve Matchmaking
    -6th Builder
    -Use heros in war while upgrading.
    -Being able to Set war Prep Time. So was don’t take 48 hours all up – when matchmaking will go to the highest time.
    -lave Trap. Burns troops a certain amount while standing on it.
    -Light Barracks- Can gather light elixer. Unsure how this could work. Jus something else.

    These are just some Ideas. Unsure if they are any good just thought I’d share what I think could improve COC

  11. Find a match (attack search) needs to have a filter such as location -where you can set your filter to find village from the country you choose

  12. An icon in TH for collecting coin,elixir,dark elixir like loading x-bows and inferno towers
    Reward for defender when his/her defend wins

  13. I wish that we could change coins to elixir and dark elixir and viseversa and I wish you to let the prices of walls chep but not very expensive and I wish that the donation could be elixir and dark elixir and gold and I wish you make the price of barracks to upgrade It to lev 9 be cheap and let our troops who are still alive after an attack and let the loot in silver and gold leagues big as we want to upgrade many things,thanks.

  14. 1.we want to be ale to see who from our friends
    is online and who’s no.
    2.wish that we could change coins to elixir,elixir to coins
    and dark elixir
    3.Also we Bangladeshi player want Bangladeshi flag on COC.

  15. We should be able to retrieve our troops that are still alive after a raid or a war attack. However, if they are damaged, they may keep the same amount of damage the next time I use them.
    Also, we want to be ale to see who from our friends is online and who’s not.
    Also it’s been more than a year you’re saying Google+ friends coming soon and still nothing. It’s not that hard for sure.

  16. I think it would be better if the air sweeper could push the spells i mean that no one can get your dark elixir with lightning spells which is really annoying.

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