7 Steps You Must Take On The First Day of EA FC 24

EA FC Guide

We are just a few days away from the release of EA Sports FC 24. So, here, we are going to be giving you a step-by-step guide on how you can hit the ground running.

For the very first day, I want you to be in a position where you’ve got a full goal team. And you are already competing within online games and pushing yourself through Division Rivals and eventually into FUT Champions.

Step 1

You need to go for the Ultimate Team intro.

EA FC Guide

With this, you will need to select the nationality. And even though it doesn’t really matter too much on paper, depending on the nationality you select will also depend what type of players you get as part of your starter team.

And you could start to be strategic with this by either selecting Argentina, England, France, or Germany, because those are normally the best players to use at a beginning when getting into the Advanced SBCs. But really, select what you want. You’ll also need to select a badge and also two different kits, a home and away.

Once done, you can head into Ultimate Team.

Step 2

You need to open your packs.

Depending how long you’ve been playing Ultimate Team and depending what Edition you bought will depend on what’s available.

EA FC Guide

If you’ve been playing Ultimate Team for quite some time, you will have Loyalty Packs. Even if you bought into FIFA 23 and logged into Ultimate Team but didn’t do too much, it will still class you as being a FIFA 23 player. So, you’ll get extra packs.

If you’ve been playing since FIFA 09 and you’ve been playing every single year since then, your loyalty bonus will be the highest it possibly can be, meaning that you’re going to get the best of the best.

For those of you who are brought into the Ultimate Edition, you will also see that you get 4,600 FC Points. How you use these is entirely up to you. But for the sake of this guide, we’re going to recommend just buying into packs. That way you’re able to get players, consumables, kits, badges.

As this is a new Ultimate Team, you’ll have some lone players and with those lone players, it’s worth storing them in your club. But don’t use them for any single player games. I want to use them online.

Step 3

You need to head over to your objectives.

EA FC Guide

Objectives are the same as what they have been for the last few years. Something slightly different is that you now have a Claim All button, which certainly makes things a lot easier for the beginning of Ultimate Team. Because you can literally open menus in some cases or move players and you will complete one or two objectives. That’s what we need to do.

At the beginning, you’ll have starter objectives. This will go through telling you to switch players around to apply consumables, such as contracting to a player, applying a contract to a manager, getting a certain amount of chemistry from your team, getting a certain amount of chemistry from a player, changing your club name, changing your kits, buying a player of the Transfer Market and so on. These are pretty much all the basic stuff to get started in Ultimate Team.

Complete these. These will give you some very basic packs, in most cases. They’re bronze or silver packs. However, there are some which will give you FC 24 Coins. Normally, after completing all of these, you can have a few packs and an extra 600 coins. That’s where we move on to the next step.

Step 4

Start trading.

So many people jump into the Ultimate Team. They do everything that we’ve talked about up until this point and immediately start buying their team and jumping into games.

One of the best things that you can do is trading. You don’t need to do anything fancy. You can use bronze and silver trader methods as well as you can just use something simple, like a Bulk Bidding method.

Now, the method that you choose here will depend on how many FUT 24 Coins you have. If you are someone that did have Loyalty Packs you bought into the Ultimate Edition, you will have 4600 FC Points. And after completing those objectives, you could potentially have 40,000 coins, maybe even more, depending on the players who you manage to pack. The more coins you have, the more trading methods of available to you potentially giving you more profit.

EA FC Guide

Whereas, if you are someone that didn’t have any Loyalty Packs you bought into the Standard Editions, you didn’t have 4,600 FC Points and the only coins you’ve been able to retrieve so far have been from those objectives. You may have only 600 coins in which the trading methods you use are better to go and look at bronze or silver players.

But even with those types of players, you will be able to buy them for cheap. You will still be able to sell them even though they are bronze and silver players. The amount of profit you make is going to be small. You may be able to buy someone for 200 coins on a bid and list them at 450 coins, doubling your coins after EA tax. But you are still able to get two or three players based on the coins you have right at the beginning.

No matter where you are at this point, you still need to try and trade rather than buying players and immediately using them for your team.

Step 5

Play games.

The whole idea is that you will go through this loop of trading before you enter the game, then enter the game. And hopefully by the time you finish that game, you’ll have 500 to a thousand FIFA 24 Coins for completing a match.

Plus, on top of that, whatever was on a Transfer Market that did finally sell will also give you additional coins to continue this loop going, but make more and more coins every single time.

EA FC Guide

Now, the games that you play, however, will depend on where you are. Yet again, if you are someone that did get Loyalty Packs, you also had the 4600 FC Points. You may already have a full goal team, which is better for you to play Division Rivals. That way you’re able to compete, push through the divisions, increase your rewards, and also gradually push towards Champions.

Whereas, if you are still only dealing with your initial starter team (bronze, silver, common gold players), then it’s best to go into Squad Battles. Even on the first of Ultimate Team, it’s possible for people entering online to have a full goal team..

If you’re going in with a starter team, even though there’s a chance you may come up to someone in a similar position, the likelihood is that you won’t. And that means you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. That brings us on to step number six.

Step 6

Build a full goal team.

It doesn’t need to be anything crazy, we're just looking for a full common gold or rare gold team, which is in a single league. Then, you’re able to compete online.

By pushing for this, it does put you in a better position. You are going to be much more of a threat when going into online games against other players. Now you can go into Division Rivals. You can push through the divisions, increasing your rewards and building up the amount of wins. You need to go and get your weekly rewards. But a real aim is to build up FUT Champions Qualification Points so that you can enter into the FUT Champions Play Offs.

EA FC Guide

Now, I don’t expect you to get all the way up until this point of competing within the FUT Champions Play Offs on day 1. Because that is quite a bit. You’re gonna have to dedicate probably around five, six or maybe even seven hours at the very least in order to get to this point.

What I am trying to push is for you to be able to have a full rare gold team, ready for you to compete online. And that potentially could take four or five games if you’re going through the process of playing games and trading in between.

After your first game, you may only have 2,000 EA FC 24 Coins in your account. But as you use those 2,000 coins to buy more trades and then go into another game, this really starts to jump up quickly.

Step 7

Step number seven is just general housekeeping. Always keep a lookout for the objectives and the ones which are easy to finish.

As we are all starting Ultimate Team completely from the beginning, it means that you could go into a single game and complete several challenges without even knowing that they were challenges in the first place.

Another thing which is easy to do is your starter SBCs. You can actually use some of the players you managed to get from your starter squad (some of the bronze players) and throw those in. You need to go for lead starter SBCs in order for you to unlock every other SBCs.

The starter ones are quite simple. Normally, you need to give up one player in any position. It’s normally the goalkeeper, but it can be any position. It just requires you to submit a player. And the other two are fairly similar, except they will involve a bit more chemistry. These are starter SBCs, so they are going to be very easy.

The rewards you get aren’t crazy, but they are profitable. As you submit one bronze player, you may get a full bronze pack. You can’t lose with these. And on top of this, you’ll also be able to complete objectives by completing these SBCs, so you get even more on top.

EA FC Guide

This year as well, we’ve got the new game mode of Evolutions. Evolutions allow you to upgrade players as long as they fit into the requirements every season. And every season, these requirements will change.

I can’t tell you what players to buy into. It’s way too early. We don’t know what the requirements are for the very first season. However, double check these. Because you may already have a bronze, silver, or common gold player as part of your starter team that will fit within these requirements.

On the other hand, let’s just say you don’t have any of these players. But you may be able to find some players and buy into them when you build your first team, which are incredibly cheap but can have very good in-game stats and or can fit within Evolutions. That way, when you do go through those games that we mentioned earlier, you will be able to upgrade them.

The cool thing with Evolutions is the challenges that I went through during the EA FC 24 beta were for Squad Battles and Division Rivals. It didn’t matter whether or not it was online or against the AI.

So, as you’re trying to build to your very first goal team, if you could also get your hands on someone that does fit into the Evolution’s requirements, potentially based on the challenges, you may be able to have an upgraded player by several ratings. The play may include who can already fit within your team before you start playing online. So, with this, just double check.


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