WHAT IF Promo Event in FIFA 21

FIFA 21 What If Promo

A new brand-new promotional event, “WHAT IF” is coming to FIFA 21 on Friday 26th February 2021. This new event will feature exclusive dynamic themed player items, Squad Building Challenges and new objectives in FUT 21.

EA Sports has already confirmed the release date of the FIFA 21 What If Promo event and communities such as FUT Bin and FIFPlay have already published some details of it.

FUT 21 What If is expected to have special player cards with live and dynamic ratings. These cards are expected to come with new position/player attributes that are uncommon for those players in the real life.

More information to be released on Friday (26 Feb) by FIFA communities revealing the full details on the event. The complete list of all FIFA 21 What Players are also to be available shortly on FIFAPlay website.


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