UEFA Road to the Knockouts – FIFA 23


UEFA Road to the Knockouts promotional event is coming to FIFA 23 on Friday, 7 October 2022.

There will be two Road to the Knockouts (RTTK) squads in FUT 23, Team 1 to be released on 7th October, Team 2, will reveal a week later on 14th October.

FIFA 23 community of FIFPlay will officially have all the details on FIFA 23 RTTK (Road to the Knockouts) details, including all player cards and stats, as well as the FIFA 23 SBC puzzle that will be released exclusively for this event.

EA are offering this RTTK promotional event every year celebrating the best players who caused their team qualify into the Knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League tournament.

Playing and getting involved with this event at FIFA 23 will help you gain RTTK special items including UCL, UEL and UCEL players. You will be also able to earn FIFA coins and FUT pack by playing matches or completing SBC puzzle during RTTK event in FUT 23.

The cards and their availability in the packs will also usually cause a market crash in the FUT market.


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