Neverwinter – Controls

Neverwinter Controls

Neverwinter's layout and instructions for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The Neverwinter game's complete move and combat list, as well as the button layout, can be found here.

Cryptic Studios' Neverwinter is a free-to-play multiplayer online role-playing game published by Perfect World Entertainment - Available on platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and MS Windows.

Neverwinter Controls

Action PlayStation 4 Xbox One / PC
Movement LL
Aim / Camera RR
Tactical Power L3 L3
At Will 1 R2 RT
At Will 2 L2 LT
Ability 2 L1 LB
Class Mechanic R1 RB
Encounter 1 X
Encounter 2 Y
Encounter 3 B
Interact X A
AutoRun R3 R3
Mount D-Pad Up D-Pad Up
Consumable Item 1 D-Pad Left D-Pad Left
Consumable Item 2 D-Pad Down D-Pad Down
Consumable Item 3 D-Pad Right D-Pad Right
Map L1 + D-Pad Up LB + D-Pad Up
Inventory L1 + D-Pad Left LB + D-Pad Left
Chat L1 + D-Pad Down LB + D-Pad Down
Invocation L1 + D-Pad Right LB + D-Pad Right
Jump L1 + X LB + A
Focus on Status Trackpad Trackpad
Daily 1 L1 + ▢ LB + X
Daily 2 L1 + △ LB + Y
Artifact L1 + ◯ LB + B
Start Menu Options Start

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  1. I can’t figure out how to invoke my weapons. I’m getting sliced up in the I think 3rd camp I went to. What buttons do I push to get my weapons out?

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