NBA Live 21 Wishlist

NBA Live 21

How would you improve the next version NBA Live game - NBA Live 21? What features would you suggest to EA Sports to add to the game to make NBA Live 2021 a better basketball video-game?

Put down your suggestions, ideas and wishlist for upcoming NBA Live 21 game here. We will be listing your wish list here and will try to send it to the developers at Electronic Arts.

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3 thoughts on “NBA Live 21 Wishlist

  1. Expand the post moves,continue to expand on real player motion I love it add a HOP STEP AND THE REST CONTINUE TO BE YOUR CREATIVE SELVES

    1. Expand on the real player motion,Expand the dribbling moves to more of significance of how real life players pull thoses moves off pleaseeeeeee add a pro-hop and either make shot contest better or nerf down the 3point shooting the shots guys are hitting are making them look better then they actually are Expand on the post moves add more depth to the franchise mode add facial expression please… Expand on the physicality of defense ,height,speed,weight and skill should make a difference based off practice making the right move at the right time takes skill and the wrong move at the wrong time should cost u either losing the ball or exp.points u shouldn’t be able to constantly reset your dribbling and not lose the ball if u haven’t became an intermediate dribbler and post play should have more depth i shouldn’t get ripped constantly by wing defenders when I have the advantage and I’ve been playing well

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