NBA 2K23 – How to Get Free VC

NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 is a basketball simulation video game that allows players to create and control their own customized basketball teams and players, participate in online multiplayer matches, and enjoy a variety of gameplay modes, such as MyCareer, MyTeam, and The Neighborhood. The game features realistic graphics, extensive player customization options, and a range of in-game rewards, including virtual currency (VC) that can be used to improve players' abilities and unlock new content.

VC stands for virtual currency, which is a type of in-game currency used in NBA 2K23. Players can earn VC by completing various in-game activities, such as playing matches, completing challenges, and watching videos. VC can be used to improve a player's attributes, purchase new gear and accessories, and unlock new content in the game. VC can also be purchased with real money, although it is also possible to accumulate it through gameplay without spending real money.

Here are some quick and easy ways to earn VC in NBA 2K23 without spending real money:

Complete Daily Tasks

NBA 2K23 offers daily tasks and objectives that you can complete to earn free VC. These tasks are usually simple and can be completed quickly, so make sure to check them regularly and complete as many as you can.

Participate in MyCareer

MyCareer mode is a great way to earn VC. You can earn VC by playing games, completing challenges, and achieving milestones. The more you play, the more VC you'll earn.

Play Online

Participating in online games, tournaments, and challenges can also earn you VC. So, make sure to play as many online games as you can to earn some free virtual currency.

Use the Mobile App

NBA 2K has also a mobile app that can be used to earn free VC. You can complete tasks, watch videos, and participate in mini-games to earn VC. So, make sure to download the app and use it regularly.

Watch Videos

NBA 2K23 also offers videos that you can watch to earn free VC. These videos are usually short and can be watched quickly, so make sure to watch as many as you can.

Use Locker Codes

NBA 2K23 releases locker codes on a regular basis that can be used to earn free VC. These codes are usually released on their social media platforms, so make sure to follow them and keep an eye out for any new codes.

Complete Surveys

NBA 2K23 also offers surveys that you can complete to earn free VC. These surveys are usually about the game, so make sure to take them whenever you see them.

Sell Your Cards

If you play MyTeam mode, you can earn VC by selling duplicate cards or cards that you don't need. Check the auction house regularly to see which cards are in demand and sell them for a profit.

Use Your Daily Spin

NBA 2K23 offers a daily spin that can reward you with VC, MyPoints, and other prizes. Make sure to spin the wheel every day and see what you can win.

Participate in Events

NBA 2K23 regularly hosts events, such as the Neighborhood events and the MyTeam Limited events, where you can earn VC and other rewards by completing objectives and winning games. Keep an eye out for these events and participate as much as possible.

Incorporating these additional tips into your gameplay can help you maximize your VC earnings in NBA 2K23. Write your own methods for getting free VC in NBA 2K and share it with community here.

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  1. I really need vc cause I don’t have enough money to afford anything rn now but I really love this game I can barely afford rent plz just 500,000

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  3. I need around 500k vc for my mycareer build so i stop getting bullied

    P.S user supergoat56 on Xbox one S

    1. I really need 450,000 vc because I keep on getting bullied and it is really annoying #please

      Gamertag: XD_zacyJ on PS4

  4. i need 200000 to get a new build upgraded on 2k23 my user name is BopDespireK
    pls i need it real bad

  5. Could I get exactly 431,576vc please I’m in dire need of an overall boost and I’m getting clowned by my friends for being behind, I’m on Ps5 and my PSN: Zay_TooSaucy24

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